Skill-based matchmaking has been arguably the hottest topic around the launch of the latest Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 3.

After remaining quiet since before the release, the developers have finally made a statement around MW3 SBMM.

MW3 SBMM has been the biggest talking point regarding the new game

MW3 SBMM operator combat
Credit: Activision

SBMM essentially works to pair players based on their skill, or other things that may attribute to how well they would do in a match. The idea behind it, as we’re told, is to help balance games to make them more competitive.

The non-SBMM altered game would allow for players of essentially any skill level to end up in games with people far above, or far below them and just let the dice fall where they may.

Players of the latest COD title have been complaining that the MW3 SBMM never gives them a moments rest and they’re required to play their hearts out in every single game against difficult competition. Even when they’re just trying to work on getting camos, they’re struggling to do so due to the balancing of the game.

We’re not here to pick a side on this, simply to share what the developers have now said in regards to MW3 SBMM.

In a statement from the developers shared by CharlieINTEL on X (formerly Twitter), the team behind the game stated that the current system “combines latency, search time, and skill, along with many other factors.”

MW3 SBMM reply from Activision
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

They acknowledged that they will be doing a better job of sharing details around how it works, and giving a more in-depth explanation of it in the “coming weeks.”

The post states that they’ve been working on their matchamking system for over 10 years and that “nothing is more important to us than the experiencep players have wit hthe game, and matchmaking is a big part of that.”

While this may not be a change to the MW3 SBMM that some players were hoping for, it is at least a dialogue that had been missing up until this point.

Fans can now be assured that Activision is at least hearing the community regarding MW3 SBMM and will be giving more information regarding the system, potentially why they use it the way they do, and any possible changes in the near future.

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