Sniping fans will be pleased to hear what’s coming as part of the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 update.

A popular sniper will be returning to the game when the patch drops on April 12. The FJX Imperium sniper was officially confirmed via a tweet from Call of Duty. The weapon debuted in footage alongside Call of Duty YouTuber FaZe Dirty.

The Intervention returns as the FJX Imperium in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3

Previously known as the Intervention, the sniper is regarded as a hard-hitting, but slow-firing weapon. This means if you play it correctly, and hit your shot, you’ve most likely secured the victory. On the flip side, if you miss your shot, you better hope your sidearm is up to the task.

The video is made up of various highlight plays Dirty made during his playtest. It definitely looks impressive, and overall it seems he’s a fan of the weapon.

“The FJX Imperium is amazing. It’s like nostalgic mixed with new. The feel of it and the way it scopes in feels really good,” he said. “It’s so good. You guys are going to love it. Be ready.”

You can see a longer version posted by Dirty himself here.

The reveal was met with a plethora of comments where fans of the game expressed their hype. “THERE IT IS!!!!!” FaZe Scope said.

Cloud9’s EmZ chimed in with a, “OH MY GOD YES! THANK YOU!!”

The returning sniper will be accessible via the Season 3 battle pass. Players who jump in will be able to move their way through it to unlock the weapon and try it for themselves simply by playing the game.

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