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It’s an accomplishment not everyone will get, but man does it feel good when you manage to drop a nuke in any Call of Duty game, including Modern Warfare 3.

In this article, we answer the question of how many kills for a nuke in MW3 so you can begin your journey to wiping out the lobby.

How many kills for a nuke in MW3 is a question many Call of Duty players are looking to find an answer to

MW3 hardpoint operators
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A nuke in Call of Duty is essentially a complete wipe of the lobby, and the game’s end. If you achieve a nuke, you’ve managed to complete a great feat and also win your game.

Getting one, however, is difficult. You need to get 30 kills for a nuke in MW3, but not just any 30 kills will do it.

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Only eliminations you acquire from your weapon or equipment count towards how many kills for a nuke in MW3.

Kills you get via other killstreaks, such as a chopper gunner, do not count towards the necessary number of eliminations.

If you’re trying to keep track of how many kills you have, you simply need to look at the bottom of your screen where your current kill streak is being tracked.

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Getting 30 kills in a row without killstreaks being added in can be quite difficult, but we believe in you. So, get out there and drop a nuke!

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