There are several challenges in Modern Warfare 3 that you need to complete to unlock certain weapons, attachments and camos. Some of the challenges require you to do certain types of kills in multiplayer. One of the types of kills you need to do is strafing kills.

In this guide, we’ll answer the question of how to get strafing kills in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

How to get Strafing Kills in MW3 explained

How to get strafing kills in MW3?
Credit: Activision

Strafing basically means moving sideways in the game. That means moving left or right by pressing the directional buttons in the console and A/D when using a keyboard simultaneously will do a strafe movement. So, taking out opponents while moving left or right in the multiplayer modes will count them as strafing kills. You can also do strafing kills from the hip or while in ADS (Aim Down Sight) mode while in a match. 

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Playing in smaller maps is useful for getting strafing kills like Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and Control, as the players are in the near vicinity of each other the whole time. Mastering these modes can help you get strafing kills very easily. 

MW3 Winds of Ash Camo
Credit: Activision

Since strafing requires you to be very quick, it’s important to use rapid-fire weapons like Assault Rifles and SMGs. You need the best of these classes to make sure you get proper strafing kills on target. Additionally, with the addition of various gear and equipment in the game, some of them affect certain aspects of your movement.

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The Stalker Boots specifically improves the Strafing and ADS movement speed. So, equipping these will certainly be beneficial for you as it will affect your overall movement and how you handle and control your weapon while using your weapons as well.

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