With the launch of Modern Warfare 3, fans are now wondering if they can play with friends who may not have the same platform as they do.

Is Modern Warfare 3 crossplay? Let’s talk about it.

Fans want to know — is Modern Warfare 3 crossplay?

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Credit: Activision

To answer the question very directly, yes. The new game will allow players to play with friends across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. Long gone are the days of Xbox and PlayStation users being separated or consoles not mixing with PC.

In addition to that, even if you’re solo, the lobbies will be made up of any and everybody unless you specifically choose to turn this off.

Is there MW3 cross progression?

If you’re someone who has two or even all three of the platforms, you’ll be happy to hear MW3 also has cross progression. This means you can get some levels and unlocks on your Xbox or PlayStation and carry those benefits over to your PC as well.

On caveat is that you will need to purchase the game on each platform — one copy does not get you across across all three.

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