The first season of Call of Duty Mobile 2022 gets a blast from the past with the PPSh-41, a World War II submachine gun that’s made for players who love to run-and-gun.

The PPSh-41 has generally been a top SMG in previous Call of Duty titles, and is known for its lightning-fast fire rate and iconic drum magazine design.

PPSh-41 submachine gun weapon stats

The main catch of the new SMG is its versatility in close- to medium-range gunfights.

As a fast-acting and agile weapon, the PPSh-41 slots into any loadout as the go-to spray-and-pray gun that can excel even when you’re just hip-firing.

If you’d like to play at longer ranges, players can reduce the weapon’s bullet spread with a few select attachments, turning it into a speedy mid-range contender that can hold its own against slower assault rifles.

But seeing as how the drum magazine takes a while to reload, we’d recommend slapping on the Sleight of Hand perk to get you back into the fight quicker.

Fire rate82

How to unlock the PPSh-41 in COD Mobile Season 1

Tier of PPSh-41 in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 battle pass
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

To unlock the PPSh-41 for free, you’ll need to level up your Season 1 Battle Pass to Tier 21 by playing games and completing challenges.

For more information about the weapon, you can check out the Season 1 community update.

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