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The BAL 27 make its entry in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded. Hailing from Advanced Warfare, the gun is a strong contender.

Credit: Activision
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The majority of new weapons introduced in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone tend to exceed initial expectations in terms of performance. The BAL 27 follows suit in this regard.

This assault rifle has the potential to emerge as one of the top-tier weapons in the game, and we’re here to assist you in unlocking its full potential.

How to unlock BAL 27 in MW3 & Warzone Season 3

MW3 and Warzone Season 3 battle pass
Credit: Activision

The BAL-27 is part of the Season 3 Reloaded update in the first week of May, 2024.

Players need to complete a series of challenges in the new Sector in the Season 3 Battle Pass before they can access the new weapon.

The BAL 27 is a bullpup firearm designed to ramp up firing speed when the trigger is held down. It starts with a slower rate for the first four shots but maintains exceptional accuracy.

Credit: Activision/ONE Esports
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The AR features a top-loading system for quick ammo changes, i optimized for swift combat encounters, particularly at close range. Although it exhibits moderate recoil with an upward drift, it provides excellent default sights.

The rifle offers a 60-round magazine, significantly extending its ammo capacity before needing a reload.

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The new weapon makes a significant impact on the AR lineup in MW3 and Warzone. It’s intriguing to see how it stacks up against the other dominant assault rifles.

With the upcoming Season 3 update and midseason patch bringing numerous weapon adjustments, there’s a good chance for the BAL 27 to stand out.

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