Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 brings with it several new Operator skins with the new Battle Pass.

In this article, we’ll be sharing images of all Operator skins included in the Season 3 Battle Pass along with their BlackCell variants.

Credit: Activision/ONE Esports
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All Operator skins in Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Battle Pass and BlackCell upgrade

For this Battle Pass, players can expect futuristic Operator themed skins with a strong emphasis on a black and gold color palette.

What’s in the the BlackCell upgrade?

  • BlackCell Battle Pass access for Season 3
  • 1,400 COD points
  • 11 reactive BlackCell Operator skins
  • 6 tracer weapon Blueprints
  • 2 new weapon Blueprints
  • BlackCell Operator “Stasis”
  • “All that Glitters BlackCell” animated Blueprint for the BAS-B Battle Rifle
  • Exclusive new Finishing Move “Double Barrel Disrespect”
  • Battle Pass and 20 Tier skips (25 on PlayStation)

How much is the BlackCell upgrade?

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The BlackCell upgrade is expected to cost US$29.99 to purchase like in previous MW3 Seasons.

Below you can find the new Operator skins, including their BlackCell variants.

BlackCell’s Stasis (BlackCell Reward)

Credit: Activision

Snoop Dogg II (SpecGru, Battle Pass Instant Reward)

Credit: Activision

Makarov – Dominus (KorTac, Battle Pass Instant Reward)

Credit: Activision

“Akuma” Skins (Operator Skin, Swagger, Sector 2)

Credit: Activision

“Corsair” Skins (Operator Skin, Ripper, Sector 5)

Credit: Activision

“Cardinal” Skins (Operator Skin, Doc, Sector 7)

Credit: Activision
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“Scalpel” Skins (Operator Skin, Riptide, Sector 10)

Credit: Activision

“Banshee” Skins (Operator Skin, Banshee, Sector 13)

Credit: Activision

“Cask” Skins (Operator Skin, Corso, Sector 16)

Credit: Activision

“Saboteur” Skins (Operator Skin, Byline, Sector 18)

Credit: Activision

“Fenrir” Skins for Makarov

Credit: Activision

“Hush” Skins for the New Hush Operator

Credit: Activision

Although the purchase of the Battle Pass and BlackCell upgrade is discretionary, opting for it grants players access to a plethora of distinctive skins that truly distinguish your experience as you tear your way through MW3.

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