The latest update to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone has gone live, and it brings a healthy amount of adjustments.

The MW3 patch notes give us a look at the stability and performance updates, some more customization, playlist adjustments, changes to the Ghost perk, a plethora of weapon nerfs, and much more.

December 14 MW3 patch notes shake things up in Season 1

MW3 hardpoint operators
Credit: Activision

The set of MW3 patch notes since December began, the latest update’s biggest changes are in the form of the Ghost perk buffs and the weapon nerfs.

Ghost perk buff — December 14 update

The Ghost perk has been given a grace period of 2 seconds, allowing players to “be stationary” for the allowed time “before anti-radar effects are disabled.”

This change was brought on due to feedback according to the MW3 patch notes. “With this change, players remain detectable by radar while not moving, but momentary pauses will no longer cause their position to be revealed,” the post said.

MW3 weapon nerfs — December 14 update

There were plenty of nerfs to weapons in the December 14. Below, you can find the full list of weapons and their respective nerfs per the MW3 patch notes:

DG-56Assault RifleMax Damage reduced to 32, down from 40.
FR 5.56Assault RifleMax Damage reduced to 35, down from 43.
BAS-BBattle RifleMax Damage reduced to 35, down from 39.
Min Damage reduced to 25, down from 27.
COR-45 AkimboHandgunMax Damage reduced to 30, down from 45.
Renetti AkimboHandgunMax Damage reduced to 22, down from 33.
Headshot Multiplier reduced to 1.2, down from 1.4.
DM56Marksman RifleMax Damage reduced to 41, down from 50.
Min Damage reduced to 37, down from 39.
KVD EnforcerMarksman RifleHeadshot Multiplier reduced to 1.8, down from 2.2.
MTZ InterceptorMarksman RifleHeadshot Multiplier reduced to 1.5, down from 2.
TYR AkimboMarksman RifleMax Damage reduced to 70, down from 120.
HaymakerShotgunMax Damage reduced to 36, down from 52.
Fennec 45 (MWII)Submachine GunMax Damage reduced to 22, down from 25.
Headshot Multiplier reduced to 1.25, down from 1.35.
Lower Torso Multiplier reduced to 1, down from 1.1.

These changes will hit the meta hard, as the overall power of weapons has been something the developers have been working on since launch, and this may be the biggest wave yet.

You can find the full MW3 patch notes at this link.

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