Updated on February 23, 12 p.m. (GMT+8): Added required number of Mimic skulls.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 has launched, introducing a number of new events, among them the MW3 Horde Hunt.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Horde Hunt, including its duration, challenges you need to complete, and the rewards you’ll earn.

What is MW3 Horde Hunt?

Hordepoint mode MW3
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Horde Hunt is one of the six exciting events in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2.

During this time-limited event, players are tasked to eliminate zombies and gather their bones in exchange for exclusive rewards.

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It’s worth noting that the challenges are not limited to just the Zombies mode. Players can also accomplish it in Multiplayer (Hordepoint) and Warzone (Resurgence Fortune’s Keep), allowing them to tackle objectives in their preferred game mode.

MW3 Horde Hunt duration

The Horde Hunt event kicked off simultaneously with the rollout of the MW3 Season 2 update on February 7.

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Scheduled to run for more than three weeks, it will conclude on March 2.

MW3 Horde Hunt challenges and rewards

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During Horde Hunt, your objective is to collect bones from regular zombies, and exchange them for rewards.

Moreover, there’s a Featured Zombies section that challenges you to slay a specific type of special zombies each week, and accumulate sufficient bones to claim rewards. The lineup includes Armored Zombies for the initial week, followed by Hellhounds, and concluding with Mimics.

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Completing all Featured Zombie collections will grant you the exclusive “Killshot” Swagger operator skin.

Base Zombies

  • Epic Aether Tool – 75 bones
  • Speed Cola – 155 bones
  • Deadshot – 310 bones
  • Epic Aether Tool – 625 bones
  • Juggernog – 1,250 bones
  • Legendary Aether Tool – 2,500 bones
  • Elemental Pop – 5,000 bones
  • Ray Gun Case – 10,000 bones

Featured Zombies

  • Week 1: “Tiny Screams” charm – 600 Armored Zombie skulls
  • Week 2: “Dogs of Hell” calling card – 300 Hellhound skulls
  • Week 3: “Cursed Ammo” – 200 Mimic skulls
  • Mastery reward: “Killshot” Swagger operator skin – collect all three Featured Zombies rewards

This article will be updated once the details for the missing rewards and challenges become available.

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