In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, players encounter a range of challenges that must be completed to unlock weapons and camos.

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Among these challenges is getting a specific type of operator kills, known as Clean Kills.

In this guide, we’ll explain what Clean Kills are in Modern Warfare 3, and share some tips on how to get them.

What are Clean Kills MW3?

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For an operator kill to be considered as a Clean Kill, you must finish off your target without sustaining any damage from them, whether from bullets, explosives, or melee attacks.

Achieving this requires maintaining full health throughout the elimination process.

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Even if you have been visually impaired or temporarily blinded, the elimination will be deemed a Clean Kill provided no damage was incurred against you.

How to get Clean Kills MW3

What are Operator Kills in MW3
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Scoring Clean Kills in Modern Warfare 3 is easier said than done. Still, there are proven strategies to help you achieve it, allowing you to complete challenges and unlock a new weapon or camo.

One of the best tactics involves using long-range weapons, such as assault rifles and sniper rifles. Leveraging these firearms enables you to eliminate targets from a distance, minimizing the risk of receiving damage in return.

It is highly advisable that you choose attachments that enhance your weapon’s range and damage.

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Alternatively, adopting a stealthier approach can catch opponents off guard, facilitating close-quarters combat for swift Clean Kills. Submachine guns (SMGs) or shotguns excel in this scenario.

Additionally, consider having equipment and attachments that can help you sneak around the map, pinpoint the position of enemies, and stealthily slay them. These include the CCT Comms Vest, UAV, Ghost T/V Camo, Covert Sneakers, and supressors.

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