The Call of Duty League has made an announcement that is being celebrated by fans. Starting from Friday, April 7, the league will be streaming its matches on both YouTube and Twitch.

This marks a significant change for the league, which had previously streamed matches exclusively on YouTube before switching back to Twitch in 2023. It’s important to note that the return to Twitch did not include an exclusivity deal.

The Call of Duty League now streaming on both Twitch and YouTube is a massive win for the community

This decision to expand to multiple platforms has been well-received by many fans, as the CDL had previously received backlash for streaming exclusively on YouTube. Viewers had expressed frustration with the platform’s user interface and streaming quality, as well as the fact that YouTube’s algorithm often prioritized content from other creators over CDL matches.

Following the end of the league’s three-year exclusivity deal with YouTube, fans rejoiced.

The switch to Twitch for its 2023 season reportedly resulted in a significant increase in viewership. According to a report from esports analytics firm Esports Charts, the CDL’s viewership on Twitch during its opening weekend was more than double what it had been on YouTube the previous season.

The peak viewership went up 137%, while the average increased by a ridiculous 213%. By streaming matches on both YouTube and Twitch, the CDL is showing that it is willing to read the room, as well as the numbers.

A wider audience, which this decision certainly allows for, could ultimately lead to increased revenue for the league and its teams. More viewers could translate into more sponsorships and advertising opportunities, which is something the league could certainly use during a rough year for tech and esports.

Overall, this is great news for fans of the CDL and for the league itself. With matches now streaming on both YouTube and Twitch, viewers will have more options for watching their favorite teams compete with the pros and cons of each platform.

The first match to be available on both will be Boston Breach vs. the London Royal Ravens at 3pm EST.

You can view the match here on Twitch or on YouTube.

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