Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho live action has taken fans on a rollercoaster ride, blending elements of different sagas in its unique narrative.

However, the most significant departure from the source material occurs in the ending, where pivotal events are rearranged and characters meet their fates earlier than expected.

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In this article, we delve into the altered ending, focusing on the fusion of the Dark Tournament and Yukina rescue arcs, the unexpected fate of key characters, and the implications for a potential Season 2.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Yu Yu Hakusho live action Season 1

Combining the Dark Tournament and Yukina Rescue arcs

Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho live action
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A noticeable change in the live action adaptation is the amalgamation of the Dark Tournament and Yukina Rescue arcs. The anime traditionally separated these storylines, with Toguro’s defeat occurring during the Dark Tournament and Yukina’s rescue serving as a separate plot point. However, the Netflix series takes a bold approach by intertwining these arcs, resulting in a unique narrative structure.

Premature death of key characters in Yu Yu Hakusho live action

Karasu in the Yu Yu Hakusho live action trailer
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One of the key events of the Dark Tournament was the battle between Younger Toguro and Genkai, which happened after Yusuke’s master passed him her Spirit Wave Orb. But in the live action version, the transfer of power happened way earlier, making it more reasonable for the showdown between the two former allies to occur before the tournament.

Banpresto Younger Toguro Figure
Credit: Banpresto
VIEW PRICE: Banpresto – DXF – Younger Toguro

Another pivotal moment in the Yu Yu Hakusho live action ending is the premature death of Younger Toguro. Unlike the anime, where Team Toguro’s defeat is delayed until the Dark Tournament, the live action adaptation sees Yusuke and his team taking down the formidable villains during their initial encounter. This decision alters the dynamics of their relationship and sets the stage for a different version of events in the future.

Yusuke’s victory, achieved through channeling all his spiritual energy into a powerful Spirit Gun, marks a significant deviation from the original storyline. This departure from the source material raises questions about the live action adaptation’s creative choices and the impact on the overall narrative.

Yu Yu Hakusho live action trailer hints at anime’s best arc

Although Elder Toguro, and perhaps Bui, are still alive, the deaths of Younger Toguro, and Genkai mean the Dark Tournament is unlikely to materialize like it did in the manga. It also doesn’t help that Sakyo, another pivotal character and the mastermind behind the tournament, killed himself after losing the bet against Koenma.

Are we still going to see the Dark Tournament?

With major characters like Toguro, Sakyo, Genkai, and Karasu meeting their demise by the end of Season 1, the live action adaptation leaves little room for a conventional Dark Tournament arc in a potential Season 2.

Yu Yu Hakusho Kotobukiya Yusuke Urameshi
Credit: Kotobukiya
VIEW PRICE: Kotobukiya Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke Urameshi ARTFX J Statue

The decisions made in the ending will make it challenging for the series to continue in a manner consistent with the original manga and anime. If a second season were to materialize, it would likely have to explore original storylines or skip ahead to later arcs.

In the after credits scene, the severed head of Elder Toguro can be seen on the beach being pecked at by a seagull. The scene provided comedic relief but it might be also a set up for his appearance in the Chapter Black Saga, which could be the plot for Season 2.

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