If you’re searching for a fresh take on the high school delinquent genre, Wind Breaker is the series for you. Wind Breaker anime episode 1 aired on April 5, 2024, and it immediately grabbed our attention with its impressive debut.

This series flips the script by portraying delinquent students as the heroes of their town, uniting to clean up the city from violent gangs that plague their neighborhood.

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The story follows Haruka Sakura, a new Furin High School student notorious for its delinquent population. Haruka’s sole aim is to prove his strength and engage only with those he deems worthy opponents.

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Drawing comparisons to Tokyo Revengers, another anime featuring high school delinquents forming gangs, Wind Breaker sets itself apart with a story that isn’t too over the top.

While Tokyo Revengers is known for its dark plot and alternate timelines, Wind Breaker prioritizes exceptional animation and thrilling fight sequences.

Wind Breaker anime episode 1 review

Wind Breaker supporting character Jien Yanagida in the first episode of season one of the anime
Credit: CloverWorks

Comparisons to the popular high school delinquent anime Tokyo Revengers are inevitable when discussing Wind Breaker.

While Tokyo Revengers excelled at presenting a colorful cast of characters with conflicting ideologies and ambitions, Wind Breaker takes a different approach.

It portrays Furin High School’s delinquent students as the town’s heroes responsible for keeping the violent gangs in check.

Wind Breaker official manga panel showing Haruka Sakura, a featured image for ONE Esports article "Where to read the Wind Breaker manga right now"
Credit: Kodansha
Where to read the Wind Breaker manga right now

One notable difference is in the focus on the main character’s struggles. While both series’ protagonists carry heavy burdens, Haruka’s challenges in Wind Breaker are more centered on his psychological well-being.

He has always been an outcast, ridiculed for his violent behavior and unusual appearance, leading him to automatically assume that people hate him before even interacting with them.

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Wind Breaker’s debut episode effectively highlights this aspect of Haruka’s character. Despite the townsfolk’s attempts to show gratitude after Haruka helps them, his aggressive personality persists, demonstrating the deep-seated impact of his past experiences.

Wind Breaker supporting character Kotaha Tachibana in the first episode of season one of the anime
Credit: CloverWorks

Beyond the storytelling, what truly sets Wind Breaker apart from Tokyo Revengers are its action sequences.

While both shows feature over-the-top action, Japanese animation studio CloverWorks, best known for shows like Spy x Family, Horimiya, and My Dress-Up Darling, elevates Wind Breaker with exceptionally smooth character movements, dynamic camera angles, and impactful blows.

If Wind Breaker can maintain this level of quality throughout its run, it can become one of the standout shows of the Spring 2024 lineup.

Where to watch the Wind Breaker anime

Wind Breaker silhouette image of all the Furin High School students in the first episode of the anime
Credit: CloverWorks

The anime is available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu, according to CloverWork’s official website.

Availability of the show may differ depending on your region.

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