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Step into the adrenaline-fueled world of high school delinquency with Wind Breaker, the popular web manga Satoru “Nisatoru” Nii created.

This action-packed anime, produced by Japanese animation studio CloverWorks under the direction of Toshifumi Akai promises a thrilling ride reminiscent of beloved series like Tokyo Revengers and Bucchigiri.

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Witness Haruka Sakura’s heroic journey through the challenging landscape of high school delinquency in the Wind Breaker anime.

This captivating series promises dynamic action, deep friendships, and an unyielding spirit, making it a must-watch for fans of adrenaline-fueled high school rivalry.

Wind Breaker story

Wind Breaker anime poster
Credit: CloverWorks

In the heart of Furin High School, where strength reigns supreme, Haruka Sakura stands apart with a singular goal — to confront and conquer the mightiest adversaries.

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Disinterested in camaraderie or heroism, Haruka seeks only the thrill of battle, setting his sights on ascending the ranks of the school’s notorious brawlers.

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As the school’s reputation for combat prowess precedes him, Haruka embarks on a journey driven by his unyielding determination to prove his strength and carve his path to dominance.

Wind Breaker release date

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The show’s release date is April 5, 2024.

Wind Breaker anime characters

WIND BREAKER 1 Paperback on Amazon
Credit: Satoru Nii
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Haruka SakuraYuma UchidaAn outsider at Furin High School, aims to become the ultimate fighter, despite facing rejection due to his appearance, seeing victory in combat as his sole means of validation.
Akihiko UruiShoya ChibaA dedicated protector of the city, he admires Furin High School and its residents. He has a keen interest in gathering and analyzing information about admirable individuals.
Kyotaro SugishitaKoki UchiyamaA formidable figure known as “Boufurin” since middle school, he is characterized by his fierce loyalty to Umemiya, often displaying an unpredictable nature, especially when angered, despite his typically silent demeanor and distinctive gait.
Junfei SuShimazaki NobunagaA mysterious character, always smiling and kind but with a cold, merciless side, known for his outlandish jokes and unique kung fu-like fighting style.
Hajime UmemiyaYuichi NakamuraWith his friendly demeanor and strong presence, he earns absolute trust and admiration from both Furin High School students and town residents. He boasts not only formidable strength but also a passion for vegetable gardening.
Touma HiiragiRyota SuzukiA Tamonshuu leader and one of Boufurin’s Four Heavenly Kings, known for his nerves, sense of duty, loyalty to Umemiya, and martial arts prowess, always keeping stomach medicine on hand.
Tsugeura TaigaKengo KasaiA bodybuilder known for his bright and honest nature, though his hot temper can be troublesome; he values aesthetics in life, often asking about it when meeting new people, and enjoys Masuru Power restaurant’s protein okonomiyaki.
Miki KiryuToshiyuki ToyonagaA popular delinquent with girls because of his gentle and considerate nature. He also loves gaming in his spare time and has a habit of calling his friends “chan.”
Kotoha TachibanaIkumi HasegawaDespite appearing mature, she’s a friendly and brave 16-year-old managing Pothos, serving delicious cafe menus to Furin High School students and townspeople, occasionally offering words of admonishment to Sakura.

Wind Breaker trailer

Where to watch the Wind Breaker anime

The anime is available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu, according to CloverWork’s official website.

Availability of the show may differ depending on your region.

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