Updated at June 9, 1:45 p.m. (GMT+8): Added Uta’s voice actress and her relationship with Luffy as revealed in the latest movie trailer.

One Piece Film Red is the 15th movie in the anime franchise that’s slated to be released later this year.

Unlike the previous One Piece movies, this time around, mangaka and creator Eiichiro Oda will be heavily involved in the production of the film as a general producer and supervisor, just like his participation in Netflix’s One Piece live-action series.

The movie will focus on Shanks, one of the Four Emperors and Luffy’s childhood hero. Aside from the red-haired pirate, the film will also debut the mysterious character named Uta, a singer who wants Monkey D. Luffy to quit being a pirate. 

Who is Uta in One Piece Film Red? What is her relationship with Shanks? Here’s what we know about the female protagonist of the anime movie so far.

Who is Uta in One Piece?

A mysterious female character stars in One Piece Film Red
Credit: Toei Animation

Dubbed as “the world’s greatest diva,” Uta is the daughter of Shanks and one of the main characters of the One Piece Red movie. 

In her official movie poster, the words in Japanese translate to “Luffy, I want you to stop being a pirate” as seen in the background, indicating that she doesn’t want the Straw Hat Pirates leader to fulfill his promise to Shanks. 

What is Luffy’s promise to Shanks? 

Luffy made a promise to Shanks that he would become a great pirate, and someday the Pirate King. Shanks, acknowledging his statement, gave him the iconic straw hat and told him to return it after he becomes a great pirate. 

In this movie, Uta is likely to be jealous of Luffy because Shanks chose him to take on the task of finding the One Piece, the most sought-after treasure in the seven seas. Gordon, the main antagonist of the movie, takes advantage of these ill feelings and exploits the diva’s powers. 

In terms of strength, Uta is known to be greatest diva in the world of One Piece. It is believed that her voice can change the world.

Her voice can bring eternal happiness, or endless imprisonment, according to the first video teaser. The movie’s plot will definitely center around this, where the antagonist will try to take advantage of Uta’s powers while the Straw Hat Pirates try to stop him and save the girl. 

Uta’s voice actress is Kaori Nazuka, known for her roles as Nunnally Lamperouge in Code Geass, Eureka in Eurak Seven, and Chelsea in Akame Ga Kill.

Shanks and Uta’s relationship

Uta and Shanks' relationship will be revealed in One Piece Film Red
Credit: Toei Animation

With Shanks and Uta sharing the same red hair color, it is highly likely that the two are biologically related to each other. 

The movie’s first trailer opens with Shanks having a conversation with a young Uta. The scene takes place ten years before Luffy begins his grand adventure. At the end of their conversation, Shanks assured her that even if they became separated, she would always be his precious daughter. 

This was a big revelation, especially for long-time One Piece fans since there was never a hint that Shanks had a daughter in the whole franchise.

Luffy and Uta’s relationship

Uta and Luffy in One Piece Film Red
Credit: Toei Animation

The latest One Piece Red trailer reveals Luffy and Uta as childhood friends. A few flashbacks showed the two as kids, having fun together in front of Shanks’ Red Force ship. In one of the movie’s scenes, Luffy visits the diva during her concert and joins her on stage.

The movie is set to release in Japan on August 6. Toei Animation has yet to make an announcement regarding its international premiere.

Find out more about the movie’s characters, cast, and plot here.

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