Blue Lock has quickly become one of the most popular sports anime since its release on October 9, 2022.

This thrilling series takes a unique approach to soccer by focusing on a group of highly skilled strikers competing for a spot on Japan’s national team. 

The Blue Lock program opened its doors to 300 promising U-18 forwards who will participate in a highly competitive battle-royale circuit. Spearheaded by Ego Jinpachi, this program aims to develop the greatest striker in the world.

The anime series follows the journey of Yoichi Isagi, a talented player who learns and evolves to keep up with the genius strikers in the program. 

In the Season 1 finale of Blue Lock, viewers were teased with the introduction of a new main character, Ryusei Shidou. Although not much is known about him yet, he’s already generating plenty of buzz among fans who’ve read the manga.

Warning: Major spoilers for those who have yet to watch Blue Lock Season 1 or haven’t read Chapter 88 of the manga.

Who is Ryusei Shidou in Blue Lock?

Ryusei Shidou in the Blue Lock Season 1 finale
Credit: 8bit Studio

Ryusei was first introduced at the beginning of the Third Selection and was one of the select few characters who received a grand introduction in the Season 1 finale.

In the Second Selection phase of the program, Ryusei’s four-man squad, along with Team Z member Igarashi Gurimu, successfully defeated hero striker Rensuke Kunigami. After their win, Ryusei chose Reo Mikage to become their fifth member, effectively eliminating Rensuke from Blue Lock.

Yoichi expressed his disbelief at Rensuke’s loss and inquired of Reo about what had caused it. In response, Ryusei mocked Rensuke’s abilities and took a dig at Yoichi, explaining that playing fairly and honestly wouldn’t be enough to succeed in soccer. The blond-haired striker’s comments were followed by a swift cheap shot that was prevented by Hyoma Chigiri.

Although he was a latecomer to the show and was only ranked 111th, Ryusei is considered one of the most promising stars in the Blue Lock program. He mostly remained unnoticed during the first two Selections because of his distinct approach toward soccer.

Unlike the other strikers, Ryusei is driven by the desire to attain a sense of completeness that he believes can only be achieved by scoring astonishing goals. He also lacks motivation when he plays against strikers that aren’t on his level.

Ryusei’s reputation precedes him as a challenging collaborator, frequently disregarding the input of his fellow teammates. To make matters worse, he possesses a confrontational personality, seemingly inclined to resolve conflicts through violence, as evidenced by his behavior in the Season 1 finale.

Finally, Ryusei is different from the other strikers in Blue Lock. In fact, Ego regards Ryusei as one of the most promising prospects in his quest to create the world’s greatest striker.

Ryusei possesses remarkable skills in every category, much like the top-ranked striker in Blue Lock, Rin Itoshi. But what sets Ryusei apart is his unparalleled spatial awareness, allowing him to effortlessly analyze the positions and tactics of all players on the field.

Ryusei will also be voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, the same Japanese VO who plays Gojo Satoru in the popular anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. Nakamura brings his considerable talent to the role of Ryusei, and his performance adds to the character’s already impressive presence on-screen.

Ryusei Shidou will play a big part in Season 2 of the anime when the Third Selection Arc continues. Out of the 35 remaining players, only 11 will make the cut to compete against Japan’s U-20 in the National Representative match that will decide the future of Blue Lock.

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