The publication of the One Piece manga has faced a series of unexpected delays, leading to inconsistencies in its regular weekly release timeline. These delays have sparked discussions within the fandom, which creator Eiichiro Oda directly addressed.

In a note found in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump issue 36-37, 2023, and translated into English by a fan named Redon on Twitter, Eiichiro Oda directly addressed readers. He apologized for the delays, attributing them to his demanding schedule and involvement in the One Piece live action adaptation.

Eiichiro Oda reveals the reason why the One Piece manga has been experiencing several delays

Oda has played a pivotal role as a producer in the Netflix production of the One Piece live action series. His deep involvement extended to critical aspects of the project, particularly in the meticulous casting process. The series is set to make its global debut on August 31, available exclusively on Netflix.

Netflix’s One Piece live-action: Cast, trailer, episodes, release date
The Straw Hat Pirates in the One Piece live action series, featuring Inaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Emily Rudd as Nami, Mackenyu Arata as Zoro, Taz Skylar as Sanji, and Jacob Romero as Usopp
Credit: Netflix

After releasing Chapter 1090, One Piece will go on another break. Chapter 1091 will be released on September 3.

At present, the One Piece manga finds itself in the climactic stages of the Final Saga, featuring the Egghead Arc. This arc follows the adventures of the Straw Hat pirates as they arrive on Egghead Island, a place that serves as the residence of Dr. Vegapunk.

Prior to this manga break, Oda underwent a month-long hiatus to recuperate from an eye surgery. During the period from June 19 to July 10, there was a temporary halt in the release of new manga volumes, which eventually resumed on July 12.

Considered a classic by many anime fans, the One Piece manga has been running for over two decades since its debut in July 1997. With over 1,000 chapters and 106 volumes, it ranks among the longest-running manga in the world.

The manga has been adapted into different mediums, including anime series, movies, theatrical plays, and, soon, live action.

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