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The setting of several anime series are inspired by real-life landmarks, and One Piece is no exception. The islands, places, and buildings in Eiichiro Oda’s phenomenal anime were inspired by popular tourist destinations in London, Egypt, Spain, France, and more.

The unique, fictional architecture that Oda created is one of the things that make Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures interesting. Let’s take a look at some One Piece locations and their real life counterparts.

One Piece locations and their real life counterparts

  • Wano Country is based in Japan
  • Amazon Lily has many similarities with China
  • Dressrosa reminds us of Spain
  • Mariejois is France in real life
  • Visit Egypt, Alabasta’s counterpart in real life

Wano Country is based in Japan

The Wano arc is considered one of the most important parts of One Piece. Not only does it feature a compelling plot, its setting is also inspired by Japan, the home of anime.

In terms of architecture, Wano resembles Japan’s Edo period, when most of the structures were made of thatched roof and wooden floors.

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Wano also has many similarities with the development of Japan, starting from an agricultural country and later growing into an industrialized country.

Since its development, Wano has become heavily polluted and its people famished and impoverished.

Amazon Lily has many similarities with China

In this island you’ll find the all-female pirate crew, Kuja Pirates, led by the alluring Boa Hancock. In the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Kuma, the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom, sent the Straw Hat Pirates everywhere to train, during which Luffy traveled to Amazon Lily.

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Oda has confirmed that Amazon Lily is indeed inspired and modeled after China. The architecture and decors around the island resemble ancient China, while Kuja Castle resembles Hanging Temple in Hunyuan County, Datong City, Shanxi Province, China.

Dressrosa reminds us of Spain

Dressrosa is a charming island in the New World led by Doflamingo.

The kingdom of Dressrosa shares many similarities with the architecture of Spain, especially Guell Park in Barcelona. Both Dressrosa and Guell Park are characterized by modernism.

Furthermore, the structure of Dressrosa’s Corrida Colosseum is somewhat similar to Rome’s iconic Colosseum.

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Taking a closer look at the kingdom’s culture, the fashion of Dressrosa’s citizens and its dancers are all very Spanish.

Beyond the splendor of Dressrosa kingdom lies a dark secret — Doflamingo allows his supporters to live freely, while those who oppose him are punished.

Mariejois is France in real life

Mariejois (also spelled Mary Geoise) is the capital of the World Government. It is the residence of the Five Elders, the Celestial Dragons, and Commander-in-Chief Kong, the highest rulers in One Piece. It is a sacred place that not everyone is allowed to enter. 

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The location seems inspired by a French castle called Chateau de Chambord in Centre-Val de Loire, France. Although Oda has never confirmed it, one can easily notice the similarities after looking at both buildings.

Visit Egypt, Alabasta’s counterpart in real life

Several fans claim that Alabasta’s geography, architecture, and culture are inspired by India. At the same time, it also shares many similarities with ancient Egypt and the modern Middle East.

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The kingdom’s name may be derived from ”Alabaster,” a mineral commonly found in ancient Egyptian jars.

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