As viewers watched Netflix’s live action rendition of One Piece, they couldn’t help but compare it to the original anime.

One of the most striking differences in the One Piece live action versus anime lies in how the characters were portrayed.

Given the number of side characters in the anime, it was unsurprising that not all of them would find a place in the Netflix adaptation. Let’s take a look at some of the characters that didn’t make the cut in the live action version.

One Piece live action versus anime: 5 characters missing from the Netflix adaptation

  • Gaimon
  • Jango
  • Johnny and Yusaku
  • Hachi


One Piece live action versus anime: The character Gaimon is missing from the Netflix series
Credit: Toei Animation

The Straw Hat Pirates encountered Gaimon early in their journey in One Piece.

They were sailing through the seas and came across a seemingly deserted island called the Island of Rare Animals. As they explored the island, they stumbled upon a treasure chest, and to their surprise, it turned out to be Gaimon’s home for the past two decades.

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Gaimon had climbed into the chest to retrieve some treasure, only to get stuck when the chest fell over, leaving him trapped inside.

Gaimon is a unique character in One Piece, known for his bizarre appearance and equally unusual backstory. He’s a tall, lanky man with a distinctive hairstyle and quirky personality.


Jango in One Piece anime
Credit: Toei Animation

Jango is a hypnotist and a subordinate of Captain Kuro, a pirate with a sinister plan. His most unique trait is his ability to hypnotize people using a pendulum.

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However, in the live action adaptation, Jango was notably absent from Syrup Village, and there was no sign of him alongside Captain Kuro.

Johnny and Yosaku

Johnny and Yosaku in One Piece anime
Credit: Toei Animation

Johnny and Yosaku are two relatively inexperienced bounty hunters introduced during the Baratie Arc. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they board the Going Merry ship and discover that their fellow bounty hunter, Roronoa Zoro, has become a member of a pirate crew.

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They decide to accompany the Straw Hat Pirates for a portion of their adventures, remaining with the crew until the events of the Arlong Park Arc. At that point, they bid farewell to the crew and return to their pursuit of capturing criminals as bounty hunters.


Hachi in One Piece anime
Credit: Toei Animation

Hachi is an octopus fish-man who was once a part of the Arlong Pirates, a notorious pirate crew.

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He is notable for his numerous arms and impressive skill in wielding six swords simultaneously. Hachi plays a significant role in the Arlong Park Arc, where he starts as an antagonist but gradually becomes a more sympathetic character as the story unfolds.

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