Episode 28 marks the end of season one, full of farewells and closure as the first-class mage exam finally comes to a close.

Join us with this quick recap Frieren ending explained article, as we explore the story’s conclusion and breakdown what could happen if the show renews for season two.

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Though the episode focuses on saying goodbye, it also sets the scene for what’s to come if the anime adaptation continues.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched or read Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

Frieren ending explained in a nutshell

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The first-mage exam was the final main event to happen in season one of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

Viewers were introduced to many new faces and learned of these character’s interesting backstories and magical specialties as they tackled the difficult first-class mage exam.

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Of the main cast, Fern developed the most at a personal level, her actions during the exam opened our eyes to the potential she has as a mage.

First-Class Mage Fern and her hidden potential in frieren ending

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How old is Fern, the talented apprentice mage in Frieren?

Successfully passing the exam, Fern is now officially a first-class mage. With less than 50 of her kind in the world, she is now considered one of the most powerful living mages.

She hasn’t reached her peak however since according to Serie, Fern can attain heights never before reached by any mage.

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The anime reinforces the idea that Serie’s intuition is always right, so expect Fern to continue developing her skill as a new first-class mage.

Her new title also grants her, Frieren, and Stark passage to the dangerous Northern Region, so their journey together will go on according to plan.

Frieren ending hints at likely return of the cast from the exam

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The first-class mage exam introduced a variety of powerful mages to audiences, sharing their back stories and inspirations for attaining great power.

Though not all graduated as first-class mages, a fair few did and were also granted passage to the Northern Regions.

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Denken can finally visit the grave of his wife in the Northern Region while Wirbel himself is from the Northern Region.

There is a chance we’ll see these characters and maybe more again as Frieren and friends pass through on their way to the Demon King’s in Ende to complete their main quest.

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