Where does Frieren anime end in the manga? If you’ve completed the anime series and are hungry for more, the next step to fully engrossing yourself in this masterpiece and becoming the ultimate fan is delving into the manga.

Whether you patiently waited for weekly episode releases or binged all episodes in one go, we’ve got you covered on Frieren where to read after anime.

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Complete Frieren episode list

So, if you’re planning to transition from the anime to the manga, here’s where you can start.

Where does Frieren anime end in the manga?

The Frieren anime concludes with the last episode titled “It Would Be Embarrassing When We Met Again,” which corresponds to volume seven, chapter 60 in the manga titled “Departure and Farewell.”

Frieren where to read after anime

If you’re wondering where does Frieren anime end in the manga and eager to continue the story, you can pick up from chapter 61, titled “Magic-Nullifying Crystal.”

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Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched or read Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

In the final episode of Frieren, the elven mage receives news of her banishment by Serie from any Continental Magic Association facilities.

Serie’s apprentice, Lernen, attacks Frieren in an attempt to leave his mark on history. However, Frieren convinces him that a duel is unnecessary, as Serie remembers all her apprentices despite her tough exterior.

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How old is Fern, the talented apprentice mage in Frieren?

Frieren’s party bids farewell to people in Äußerst and heads further north. Frieren keeps her farewells short and simple, recalling Himmel’s similar approach, as tearful goodbyes would be embarrassing when they meet again.

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