Go on a journey of self-discovery and contemplation through all Frieren episodes, where the narrative delves not only into the titular character’s path but also into the transient nature of human existence.

How old is Fern, the talented apprentice mage in the Frieren anime?

The anime, adapted from the manga series by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe, is brought to life by Madhouse under the direction of Keiichiro Saito and the pen of Tomohiro Suzuki, accompanied by Evan Call’s musical compositions.

Frieren: A Journey's End How hold is Frieren?
Credit: Madhouse
How old is Frieren? Working out the character’s age in years in the Frieren anime

Featuring the talents of Atsumi Tanezaki as Frieren, Kana Ichinose as Fern, and Chiaki Kobayashi and Arisa Kiyoto as Stark, this series offers a delightful exploration of life’s complexities.

How many Frieren episodes are there?

If this anime has captured your attention, make sure to catch all Frieren episodes.

All Frieren episodes and their release schedule

The Frieren anime debuted on September 29, 2023, with its first episode, “Journey’s End,” unveiling an adventurous party’s triumph over the Demon King.

Among them stands Frieren, an elven wizard and the titular character in the series.

Frieren: A Journey's End Did Himmel love Frieren presents ring kneeling
Credit: Madhouse
Did Himmel love Frieren? Understanding their relationship in the Frieren anime

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End spans a total of 28 episodes.

1The Journey’s EndAfter their victory over the Demon Lord, hero Himmel, priest Heiter, dwarf warrior Eisen, and elf mage Frieren return home. They bond over witnessing the Era meteor shower, with Frieren promising to return in 50 years for another viewing. Decades later, after Himmel’s passing, Frieren realizes her lack of understanding of humans and commits to learning more.September 29, 2023
2It Didn’t Have to Be Magic…Over four years, Frieren mentors Fern, a war orphan adopted by Heiter. After Heiter’s passing, Fern joins Frieren on her journey.September 29, 2023
3Killing MagicFern and Frieren go on a journey to places the latter once visited with her past companions, encountering the imminent threat of Qual, the Demon of Corruption, whose seal is weakening.September 29, 2023
4The Land Where Souls RestFrieren volunteers to clean a beach and receives a fake grimoire in return. Reflecting on past disappointments, she realizes the importance of shared experiences and decides to assist Eisen in finding the genuine grimoire of Flamme.September 29, 2023
5Phantoms of the DeadAs Frieren and Fern continue on their journey, they encounter a village plagued by disappearances linked to illusions crafted by a deceptive monster known as an Einsam. Frieren’s expertise enables them to thwart the creature’s illusions, but their quest leads them to confront a dragon, requiring the assistance of Stark, a potentially formidable warrior trained by Eisen.October 6, 2023
6The Hero of the VillageStark draws inspiration from Eisen’s past bravery. Despite his apprehension, Stark confronts and defeats the dragon alone, earning Frieren’s admiration. With the grimoire secured, Stark joins Frieren and Fern as they journey northward.October 13, 2023
7Like a Fairy TaleAs Frieren and her companions travel northward, she reflects on the decline of the Elven race and encounters a village celebrating “Liberation Day” with statues of her original party, a reminder of their existence. In another city, Frieren’s attempt to confront demons leads to her arrest.October 20, 2023
8Frieren the SlayerAfter easily dispatching Draht’s assassination attempt, Frieren escapes the dungeon and exposes Lugner’s treachery to the city’s Graf, leading to Granat’s capture. Meanwhile, Fern and Stark, determined to aid Granat, cross paths with Frieren, who opts to confront Aura rather than assist them against Lugner. Outside the city, Frieren prepares to confront Aura.October 27, 2023
9Aura the GuillotineFern and Stark safeguard Granat in the town church, where he reveals Aura’s deadly tactic using the Scales of Obedience to dominate opponents and amass an army of puppets. Frieren confronts Aura’s puppets and resolves to defeat her. Meanwhile, Lugner and Linie ambush Fern and Stark.November 3, 2023
10A Powerful MageFern surprises Lugner by revealing her true power, ultimately defeating him. A flashback unveils Flamme’s mentorship of Frieren, teaching her the taboo practice of suppressing her mana to deceive demons. Joined by Himmel and his party in their quest a thousand years later, Frieren hides her true potential until facing Aura in the present.November 10, 2023
11Winter in the Northern LandsAfter seeking shelter from a blizzard in the Schwer mountains, Frieren and her companions spend six months with an elven monk named Kraft, who shares his solitude and reflections with them. As they prepare to depart, Kraft offers praise akin to worship, reminiscent of past sentiments from Heiter.November 17, 2023
12A Real HeroWhile en route to Äußerst, a large magical city in the northern lands, Frieren and her companions visit the Village of the Sword to clear out monsters drawn to the legendary Hero’s Sword. Stark discovers the sword still lodged in a stone, prompting Frieren to recount Himmel’s failed attempt to wield it. In the next town, Fern learns it’s Stark’s 18th birthday and helps him choose a gift.November 24, 2023
13Aversion to One’s Own KindFrieren aids Sein, a talented healer. Recognizing Sein’s lost dreams of adventure, Frieren resolves to reignite his passion. Through heartfelt discussions and familial revelations, Sein confronts his regrets and decides to join her party in pursuit of his long-lost friend.December 1, 2023
14Privilege of the YoungIn the next town, Fern and Stark’s relationship hits a rough patch when Stark forgets Fern’s birthday present, but they reconcile eventually. As they journey onward, Frieren’s lost ring stirs memories of Himmel’s thoughtful gesture.December 8, 2023
15Smells Like TroubleArriving in a cursed village, Frieren’s party falls victim to a sleeping spell, with only Sein managing to resist. After Frieren defeats the monster responsible, they continue to the city of Vorig, where they are approached by a noble, Orden, who asks Stark to impersonate his presumed deceased son.December 15, 2023
16Long-lived FriendsStopping by a village, Frieren reunites with Old Man Voll, an elderly dwarf who reminisces about his deceased wife. Recognizing Voll’s senility, Frieren pledges to honor his memory as she does for her past companions. Continuing their journey, Sein seeks his friend, Gorilla Warrior, leading to a series of tasks for a stubborn villager.December 22, 2023
17Take CareAs Sein deliberates a big decision, the party remains in the village due to a prolonged snowstorm, during which tensions rise between Fern and Stark. Sein resolves their conflict but eventually departs to search for Gorilla Warrior while Frieren and the others head to Äußerst.January 5, 2024
18First-Class Mage ExamOn their journey to Äußerst, Fern and Frieren discuss the challenges of becoming first-class mages. Meanwhile, a mage named Ubel encounters bandits, only to be saved by Kraft. Arriving at the mage association, Fern and Frieren sign up for the exam and are paired with different partners.January 12, 2024
19Well-laid PlansFern’s party successfully captures a Stille but faces the threat of other mages seeking to steal their prize. With Frieren’s strategic planning, they manipulate the testing grounds to lure the Stille into a trap. However, they are ambushed by rival mages led by Denken, leading to a tense confrontation over the captured bird.January 19, 2024
20Necessary KillingThe battle between Fern’s team and Wirbel’s team unfolds, showcasing each member’s unique strengths and motivations. Tensions rise as both sides clash with the pursuit of the coveted First Class mage title.January 26, 2024
21The World of MagicFrieren’s team battles Denken’s party, with Lawine and Kanne facing overwhelming odds against Richter. Meanwhile, Fern’s team prepares for future rivalry as the first exam concludes, and Stark awaits their return at a tavern.February 2, 2024
22Future EnemiesFrieren and Fern return to their lodging where Stark’s late-night habits cause tension. Frieren suggests lifting Fern’s spirits with a dinner at a nostalgic restaurant. Meanwhile, Richter, Denken, and Laufen also seek out the same eatery. As they prepare for the second exam, they learn of the challenging examiner, Sense.February 9, 2024
23Conquering the LabyrinthSense briefs the examinees on the second test, challenging them to navigate the perilous Ruins of the King’s Tomb dungeon, with success marked by reaching the bottom by dawn.February 16, 2024
24A Perfect ReplicaIn the dungeon, the Spiegel creates perfect replicas of the raiders using their memories. Denken’s group tries to confront the Frieren replica but retreats. With limited options, Denken and Frieren consider brute force, while Fern proposes a plan to eliminate the Frieren replica.February 23, 2024
25A Fatal VulnerabilityFern and Frieren are chosen to face the replica while others stand guard. In a flashback, Serie discusses the future of magic with Frieren. In the present, Fern strikes the replica with a full-power attack.March 1, 2024
26The Height of MagicAs the battle unfolds, it’s revealed that defeating the Spiegel is crucial to stopping the replicas from resurrecting. Frieren and Fern manage to kill Frieren’s replica, but not without a near-fatal counterattack. The remaining examinees reach the dungeon’s bottom, passing the second test.March 8, 2024
27An Era of HumansAs the third exam begins, Serie takes charge, conducting one-on-one interviews to determine who deserves the mage license. Frieren’s unconventional approach leads to her failure. Serie’s interest in Fern’s potential prompts an offer of an apprenticeship.March 15, 2024
28It Would Be Embarrassing When We Met AgainThe elven mage receives news of her banishment by Serie from any Continental Magic Association facilities. Serie’s apprentice, Lernen, attacks Frieren in an attempt to leave his mark on history. Frieren’s party bids farewell to people in Äußerst and heads further north.March 22, 2024

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How old is Stark, the faint-hearted Vanguard in the Frieren anime?

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