As you watch the entire Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime series, one question inevitably lingers in your thoughts: Did Himmel love Frieren?

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched or read Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

The anime’s narrative centers on Frieren, the protagonist and a prominent member of a hero party that vanquished the Demon King many years prior. Upon receiving news of her comrades’ passing due to old age, particularly Himmel, she sets out on a heartfelt journey to bid farewell to his soul.

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Throughout the series, poignant flashbacks unveil the depth of connection between Frieren and Himmel, inviting viewers to ponder the nature of their relationship.

Did Himmel love Frieren? Anime episodes and scenes explained

While the manga and anime series doesn’t explicitly state whether Himmel loved Frieren romantically, numerous scenes suggest that he did.

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In episode 3, titled “Killing Magic,” we witness Himmel’s profound trust in Frieren. He diligently checked the seal of Qual, the Demon of Corruption, every year until his passing, always believing that Frieren would visit before it broke.

Does Himmel give Frieren a ring? Breaking down the Frieren and Himmel ring scene

Episode 14, titled “Privilege of the Young,” provides a flashback where Himmel presents Frieren with a mirrored lotus ring as a token of appreciation for her dedication during an extermination quest. He kneels and places the ring on her finger, akin to a proposal.

In the language of flowers, a mirrored lotus ring symbolizes eternal love.

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In episode 17, “Take Care,” Frieren reminisces about a moment when Himmel comforted her while she was sick by holding her hand, indicating a caring and intimate connection between them.

In episode 22, “Future Enemies,” Frieren and Himmel share a heartfelt conversation that highlights their emotional closeness. When Frieren questions Himmel’s motivation for becoming a hero, his response reveals a desire to leave a lasting impact on others and his wish to be remembered even after he dies.

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To learn more about the dynamics of their relationship and uncover the answer to the question “Did Himmel love Frieren,” fans can read the manga or watch the anime adaptation.

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