The Demon Slayer To the Hashira Training movie showed pivotal moments that propelled the series toward its anticipated finale.

We have prepared a detailed overview in our Demon Slayer To the Hashira Training ending explained article, tackling the key events that took place in the movie.

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These scenes set up Demon Slayer’s end game in motion, setting the stage for a massive battle.

Warning: Spoilers if you have not watched Demon Slayer seasons 1, 2, and 3, along with the To the Swordsmith Village movie.

Demon Slayer To the Hashira Training ending explained

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The To the Hashira Training arc culminates in a series of events that underscore the impending clash between good and evil in Demon Slayer. As the series hurtles towards its conclusion, these scenes serve as catalysts for the epic finale that fans eagerly await.

Nezuko’s Power

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After overcoming the Upper-Rank Demons Hantengu and Gyokko, Tanjiro Kamado and his comrades discover a crucial revelation — Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko Kamado, possesses a unique ability to withstand sunlight despite being a demon.

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This revelation pushes Muzan to make it his main goal to consume Nezuko, driving the Demon King’s ambitions to new heights. In response, the Hashira unite to initiate intensive training for all Demon Slayers, preparing them for the impending battle against Muzan and his Upper Rank demons.

Lady Tamayo’s pivotal role

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As tensions escalate, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the leader of the Demon Slayers, seeks assistance from Lady Tamayo, a powerful demon Tanjiro met during the Asakuza arc. Ubuyashiki asked Tamayo to work with the Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho, to develop a potent toxin that can neutralize Muzan.

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Through their collaboration, Tamayo’s expertise in demon biology and Shinobu’s proficiency in pharmacology are the Demon Slayers’ best chance at stopping Muzan’s tyranny.

The Demon Slayer Mark

Muichiro Tokito in Demon Slayer
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The To the Hashira Training arc sheds light on the mysterious phenomenon of the Demon Slayer Mark. During intense battles against Upper Rank demons, Hashira, such as Muichiro Tokito and Mitsuri Kanroji, exhibit the enigmatic mark — a symbol of immense power and prowess.

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Revealed through Amane Ubuyashiki’s insights, the Mark is rooted in the ancient history of the Demon Slayers, originating from the pioneers of Breathing Styles. Trigged by perilous circumstances, these markings grant Demon Slayers unparalleled strength and agility, albeit at a grave cost.

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Tokito recounts his harrowing experience of awakening the Mark when he fought Upper Rank Five Gyokko, describing the conditions that triggered its manifestation. According to the Mist Hashira, he faced a certain death situation, which awakened his Mark. He said he had a heart rate of over 200 beats per minute and a body temperature of over 39 degrees Celsius, which can prove to be fatal in most cases.

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