The Thousand Year Blood War is gracing us with another explosive presence in Bambietta Basterbine.

The Bleach TYBW anime is a welcome return to form for the long-running shonen series, but it also features a new faction of enemies and an ever-expanding cast of characters. Episode 16 gives us a good look at Bambietta — a touchy woman with a propensity to blow up.

Who is Bambietta Basterbine in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War?

Bambietta Basterbine throwing a tantrum
Credit: Studio Pierrot / Screenshot by: Dexter Tan

The self-proclaimed leader of the “Femritters,” Bambietta Basterbine is part of the elite Sternritters — powerful Quincies on par with Soul Society’s captains.

Her beautiful appearance hides a sadistic individual who’s cruel to her subordinates and enemies — and yet seems to retain some loyalty and camaraderie with her peers.

Personality and powers of Bambietta Basterbine in Bleach TYBW

Bambietta Basterbine Vollstandig
Credit: Studio Pierrot / Screenshot by: Dexter Tan

Bambietta Basterbine is one of the most sadistic people we’ve seen in Bleach yet. She has a habit for handsome men — and her idea of “special relief” is apparently killing them.

When in battle, she doesn’t have any qualms about taunting and teasing her opponent. But she can dish it and can’t take it — and often loses her cool. Despite being a soldier, she doesn’t see a point in giving up her life for a battle.

As a Sternritter, she has a Schrift power granted by Yhwach — The Explode, giving her the abilitiy to create bombs. Bambietta infuses objects with her Spirit Particles, and the objects in turn explode.

She’s one of the few Quincies that use a sword, which manifests in a short broadsword that forks at its tip.

Her Vollständig turns her Spiritual Power red from blue, and greatly improves The Explode. She grows a pair of wings made entirely out of Spirit Particles, granting her the ability to fly. Spirit Bombs are formed under these wings, which can be released to 

First appearance of Bambietta Basterbine in Bleach TYBW

Bambietta Basterbine first appearance in Thousand Year Blood War anime
Credit: Studio Pierrot / Screenshot by: Dexter Tan

We first catch a glimpse of Bambietta Basterbine in chapter 495 of the manga, and episode three of the Thousand Year Blood War anime, of episode 369 of the overall Bleach series. She’s part of the first squad of Sternritters to invade the Soul Society — though we only get a closer look at her powers in her battle with the captains Shinji Hirako and Sajin Komamura.

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