The Bleach Thousand Year Blood War anime isn’t pulling its punches — and neither are the Quincies.

The invading force has another trick up their sleeve with their Vollständig power-up — but what exactly does it do?

What is the Quincy Vollständig in Bleach?

The beginning of Quincy Vollständig
Credit: Studio Pierrot

The Vollständig, German for “complete”, is the final evolution of a Quincy’s powers — think of it as a Soul Reaper’s Bankai, or Arrancar’s Resurrección. It’s the successor to the outdated Letzt Stil that Uryu Ishida used in the Soul Society arc in his battle against the captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

A Quincy that uses Vollständig evolves their appearance, with most taking on an angel-like form, awash with spiritual energy and resplendent wings. 

What are the powers of Quincy Vollständig in Bleach?

Quilge Opie's Vollständig
Credit: Studio Pierrot

The Vollständig enhances a Quincy’s inherent powers, as well as providing new abilities.

The Quincy’s natural way of increasing their own energy by absorbing Spirit Particles is now even stronger, and can even absorb other spiritual abilities and souls, as shown by Quilge Opie episode three of the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War anime.

The Vollständig’s energy wings also grants flight. Users can also summon powerful Spirit Weapons that can fire Heilig Pfeil (Holy Arrow). Quincys with Schrifts will also see an improvement in those abilities, and even gain new techniques unusable in their previous forms.

Of course, there are drawbacks to the abilities. The Vollständig demands a lot from its user, and is difficult to maintain without the stamina to do so. Quincies were also unable to use it while in possession of stolen Bankais, and the power can be involuntarily stripped by Yhwach — the progenitor of Quincies.

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