As the tension rises on the streets, anime fans are eagerly anticipating the Wind Breaker episode 4 release date.

The first two episodes of the anime introduced the main characters and set the stage for the series. Episode 3, titled The Man Who Stands at the Top, delved deeper into Furin High School’s hierarchy and the territories it controls.

Wind Breaker official key art showing Haruka Sakura, a featured image for ONE Esports article "Wind Breaker review: What sets it apart from Tokyo Revengers"
Credit: CloverWorks, ONE Esports
Episode 1 review: What sets it apart from Tokyo Revengers

The series revealed that rival schools govern distinct territories, hinting at an imminent turf war.

To prepare, Haruka and his group will report to the leader of the Bofurin, Hajime Umemiya, a character we’ll finally learn more about in the next episode.

Wind Breaker episode 4 release date and schedule

Wind Breaker official manga panel showing Haruka Sakura, a featured image for ONE Esports article "Where to read the Wind Breaker manga right now"
Credit: Kodansha
Where to read the manga right now

The episode officially airs on local Japanese networks at 12:00 PM JST on Friday, April 26, 2024.

The release times and schedule for international viewers vary depending on their time zone which we’ve listed below.

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JPT (Japan Standard Time)12 p.m.
GMT+811 a.m.
ET (Eastern Time)11 p.m.
PT (Pacific Time)8 p.m.
CT (Central Time)10 p.m.
GMT (Western European Time)3 a.m.
CET (Central European Time)5 a.m.
IST (Indian Standard Time)8:30 a.m.

Where to watch Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker season 1 featuring main character Kyotaro Sugishita in the episode 3 of the show that aired on April 19, 2024
Credit: CloverWorks

The anime is available on the following platforms: 

Availability may differ depending on your region.

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