Prepare to assemble your ultimate team of legendary heroes from Shueisha’s most iconic manga titles. 

These Jump Assemble characters open the doors to an epic crossover event, letting you pit your favorite anime heroes from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more against each other in exhilarating battles.

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Join forces with friends and rivals alike as you strategize to win your competitive anime battles.

Experience each hero’s unique fighting style and signature abilities as you forge your path to victory.

What is the Jump Assemble game about?

Anime MOBA game titled Jump: Assemble key visual taken from DeNA's website
Credit: DeNA, Shueisha

Jump Assemble throws you headfirst into a thrilling 5v5 MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) experience. 

Players must assemble their dream team from a roster of 31 legendary characters spanning nine of Shueisha’s most popular manga and anime series.

The excitement doesn’t stop there – battle arenas are themed around iconic locations from these beloved series, adding another layer of nostalgia to the gameplay.

All Jump Assemble characters

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Each character has unique special moves and has dedicated roles like fighter, ranger, mage, and support.

Fighters deal melee damage. Tanks absorb damage. Rangers deal long-range damage. Mages excel at burst damage. Supports buff and heal their teammates.

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As a MOBA, the game requires players to control various points on a large map.

When a player’s health points run out, they are knocked out and must wait through a cooldown before respawning.

Money D. Luffy (rookie)One PieceFighter
Monkey D. Luffy (captain)One PieceFighter
Boa HanckockOne PieceMage/Fighter
UsoppOne PieceRanger
Tony Tony ChopperOne PieceSupport
Son GokuDragon BallFighter
Son Goku (Super Saiyan)Dragon BallFighter
FriezaDragon BallRanger/Mage
Majin BooDragon BallTank/Support
Naruto Uzumaki (Genin)NarutoFighter
Naruto Uzumaki (Nine Tails Junchuriki)NarutoFighter/Mage
Minato NamikazeNarutoAssassin
Sasuke UchihaNarutoAssassin
Tanjiro KamadoDemon SlayerFighter
Nezuko KamadoDemon SlayerAssassin/Fighter
Inosuke HashibaraDemon SlayerTank/Fighter
Zenitsu AgatsumaDemon SlayerFighter
Shinobu KochoDemon SlayerAssassin/Mage
Gon FreecssHunter x HunterFighter
Ichigo KurosakiBleachFighter/Mage
Orihime InoueBleachSupport
Uryu IshidaBleachRanger
Yoruichi ShihouinBleachAssassin
Yuji ItadoriJujutsu KaisenFighter
Megumi FushiguroJujutsu KaisenMage/Fighter
Nobara KugisakiJujutsu KaisenRanger
AndyUndead UnlockTank
Fuuko IzumoUndead UnlockSupport
Mash BurnedeadMashleFighter
Lance CrownMashleMage/Support

Jump Assemble release date

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According to the iOS app store, Jump Assemble’s expected release is on June 25, 2024.

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