League of Legends: Wild Rift introduces a new event called “Noxian Brotherhood” that’ll focus on brothers Darius and Draven. This will be the first-ever canon lore event to take place in Wild Rift.

Just like the previous KD/A event, The Noxian Brotherhood will send players on an in-game conquest to complete tasks like ‘Get 30 Takedowns’ and periodically unlock levels of the event.

As you complete the quests, you will also unlock “Brothers”, a 13-page illustrated tale that expounds on the journey of Darius and Draven. With 12 missions in total, you’ll usually unlock 225 Blue Motes and one page of the exclusive comic so make sure you grind through it all to witness what will happen in the sibling rivalry.

Aside from the comic and Blue Motes, players will also be able to unlock a Noxian icon (first comic) and icon border (twelfth comic), a Darius and Draven-inspired emote (fifth comic), and your very own champion box (seventh comic) that’ll unlock one of the two brothers.

If you’re still looking to upgrade the Noxian duo to their best fits, the in-game store is also introducing two new skins to each champion and a bundle set that will give them a 50% discount along with their newest skins.

The Noxian Brotherhood will start spinning its axes on December 10 and will end on December 23.

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