Taiwan’s Flash Wolves (FW) pulled off a huge upset against the Vietnamese favorites Cerberus Esports (CES) in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals of the WCS Finals 2022 Playoffs.

After going down 2-0, the Taiwanese squad rallied back to win the next three games and send CES down to the lower bracket.

Flash Wolves reverse sweeps Cerberus Esports at the WCS Finals 2022 Playoffs

Flash Wolves at the WCS Finals 2022
Credit: Flash Wolves

Game 1

CES had a lot of early game advantages in game 1, successfully contesting the Rift Herald at 4:30 and taking the lead by two kills. By the 13-minute mark, FW initiated a teamfight and caught star player Trần “Genza” Phúc. However, CES recovered and turned the tables on FW, continuously snowballing after that to eventually win the first game.

Game 2

Gaining momentum from their first win, CES continued to punish FW during the mid-game. The team took advantage of their resources and gave FW no chances to catch up, ending the game by the 22-minute mark.

Game 3

The poster for the WCS Finals 2022 (Wild Rift championship Series)
Credit: Riot Games

Even though Flash Wolves were down 0-2, they weren’t willing to give up without a fight. To everyone’s surprise, they ended the third game quickly in just 16 minutes, punishing CES’ lack of communication and wrong calls.

Game 4

Unlike the first three games where CES had the early game advantage, they lost several fights to FW in game four. The Taiwanese team continued to snowball with an extremely aggressive lineup consisting of Garen, Riven, Jayce, Corki, and Rakan. Eventually, FW overpowered CES to take the series to game five.

Game 5

Being the series-decider, neither team was willing to commit to risky plays early in game five, and the game saw little action for a long period.

But a careless move by Genza cost CES the dragon and Flash Wolves capitalized, winning the resulting teamfight, then taking the Baron Nashor and immediately pushing both top and mid lanes to destroy CES’ Nexus.

CES drops down to the lower bracket where they will play against Persis Esports (PSO), while Flash Wolves will continue their way in the upper bracket.

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