Silver and below can be a difficult tier to get out of in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Players here have usually just learned the basics of laning, farming, and attacking, and haven’t yet had the chance to apply higher levels of play into their game. Attempting to rank up at these tiers is usually an individual chore, and rarely a team effort. Plus, there’s the habit of teammates randomly jumping into uncontrolled fights.

If you’re nodding your head to everything above, we’ve got the solution. Just pick one of these easy to play but highly effective champions to ensure you have maximum impact in every game, and you’ll be in Gold or above in no time.

Baron – Garen

Credit: Riot Games

One of the most fundamental tanks in the game, Garen is also an effective fighter with a skill set that’s easy to get the hang of.

Garen also doesn’t consume too much energy in the laning process, so lower tiered players don’t need to worry too much. The key to mastering Garen is knowing when to engage and when to disengage, and you’re set to climb with this general.

Jungle – Tryndamere

Credit: Riot Games

Tryndamere is a strong jungler whose skill set can help players outlast the fight. His Spinning Slash gives him a lot mobility across the map, which is pretty useful for jungling. The skill Bloodlust can also heal him, helping low level players stay alive for a bit longer.

To play Tryndamere effectively, pay attention to the lanes and gank when your teammates need you to. You can also keep tabs on the Dragon and Baron lanes. In clashes, use heavy damage and attack speed to finish your main targets quickly, and use Bloodlust and Undying Rage to help you survive the fight.

Mid lane – Annie

Credit: Riot Games

Annie is another champion that’s easy to learn. Her passive Pyromania can stun enemies after casting 4 abilities, which means the more Annie burns up enemies, the better it is. For more efficient mana use, finish off creeps with Disintegrate so that mana cost is refunded.

With enough stun points, the mana saved up from Disintegrate, plus your bear Tibbers, Annie can easily go in for combos and control fights. Just remember to position yourself smartly and use Annie’s range to your advantage.

Dragon Lane – Ashe with Blitzcrank

Credit: Riot Games

Distance is the name of the game for our last two champions. Ideally, you should duo queue with a friend so you can both play in the bot lane. Ashe just needs to shoot and stay away from the clashes, while Blitzcrank needs to protect Ashe and hook whoever might be trying to go after her.

These two usually take the bot lane. Blitzcrank can also roam around the dragon when Ashe is in the clear, to scout the area.

Ashe and Blitzcrank should be able to manage their lane quite well. Blitzcrank can use Rocket Grab to initiate followed by a Power First for an additional stun, while Ashe follows up for a quick kill. Alternatively, Blitzcrank can also pull enemies away from Ashe as she finishes them off with her range.

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