The Group Stage of the Wild Rift Horizon Cup saw impressive performances from the best teams around the world.

Chinese teams Da Kun Gaming and ThunderTalk Gaming proved themselves as top contenders with perfect 4-0 records while SEA’s SBTC Esports and Team Secret displayed their mobile gaming mastery against other rising regions.

With only six squads advancing to the Knockout Stage of the Horizon Cup, let’s take a look at the five most impressive players in each role.

The five best players in each role during the Wild Rift Horizon Cup Group Stage

Baron lane: Ratel of Rolster Y

Rolster Y at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup
Credit: 2021 Riot Games, Inc. Used With Permission

In the position of Baron lane, Jung “Ratel” Yoon-ho deserves recognition as the standout player of Korea’s sole representative, Rolster Y.

Ratel confidently shines as RY’s offensive spearhead alongside jungler Do “Do” Jin-ho. With critical team fights and great vision and movement locked down, the dynamic duo confidently takes control of the Baron lane in every game.

Another big advantage that Ratel provides in the Baron lane is his diverse champion pool. While he usually prioritizes grabbing Renekton during drafts, Ratel has shown his skills on other champs like Fiora, Riven, and even Irelia.

Jungle: Huiba of Da Kun Gaming

Da Kun Gaming Huiba at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup
Credit: 2021 Riot Games, Inc. Used With Permission

A must-watch superstar ever since day one, Fangjun “Huiba” Li is on track to claim the title of best jungler in the world.

Huiba is considered to be the main playmaker on the DKG lineup, acting as the bridge between mid laner Muchuang “You” You and Baron laner Yankai “Yk” Hong. DKG has shown that they can get the upper hand with a few well-timed skirmishes.

With a knack for late game carry champions like Fiora, Jax, and Kha’Zix, the Chinese team can count on Huiba to find his groove in the early game and snowball for a dominating finish.

Securing four MVPs to his name, there’s no doubt that Huiba completely deserves the jungle spotlight.

Mid: Z of ThunderTalk Gaming

ThunderTalk Gaming Z at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021
Credit: 2021 Riot Games, Inc. Used With Permission

When talking about the mid lane at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup, fans and analysts must give respect to Zhou “Z” Tianjian of ThunderTalk Gaming.

Z stands tall as not only the best mid laner, but the most consistent player in the entire global tournament. Racking in seven MVPs so far, the ThunderTalk superstar always looks ready to show what he’s capable of.

In terms of gameplay, the TT player is able to adapt to every situation with his wide range of champions. Z can deliver damage on carry champions like Riven and Yasuo and set up map-wide skirmishes with Twisted Fate and Galio.

If ThunderTalk Gaming can continue its success and win the Horizon Cup, you can expect Z to top off his reign in the mid lane as the Finals MVP.

Dragon lane: Kiral of SBTC Esports

SBTC Esports Kiral at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup
Credit: 2021 Riot Games, Inc. Used With Permission

While the current Rift Herald meta at the Horizon Cup has shifted every team’s focus away from the Dragon lane, SBTC Esports’ Tống “Kiral” Thái Dân proved that the marksman role can still be a menace on the Rift.

Despite losing their first two games in the Group Stage, SBTC Esports completed a miracle 2-2 run to qualify for the Knockout Stage, all thanks to Kiral’s Ezreal.

The Dragon laner singlehandedly denied the meta and went all-out on the Prodigal Explorer, funneling the team’s resources into his pocket for insane damage in the late game.

With pinpoint Mystic Shots and swift Arcane Shifts that dodged enemy fire, Kiral broke the definition of a carry player in the current meta and stole the show as an exceptional Dragon laner.

Support: Hamez of Team Secret

Team Secret at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup
Credit: 2021 Riot Games, Inc. Used With Permission

A leader in every aspect, Team Secret’s James “Hamez” Santos is considered to be the best support player at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup.

With the role of support being the backbone of every team composition, Hamez stays a consistent factor throughout the whole game, from early game fights to critical plays that could determine a Team Secret victory.

The leading support excels in simultaneously protecting his teammates and disabling his enemies. As seen in their match against Sengoku Gaming, Hamez utilized enchanter support Janna to sustain the team’s presence in team fights.

Even when enemies find a flashy exit during a massive skirmish, you can always count on Hamez to find a way to grab that extra kill for his team.

Which region will come out on top to be the first-ever champion of the Wild Rift Horizon Cup? Catch the Knockout Stage action on the official Wild Rift Esports Twitch channel.

This article originally appeared on ONE Esports Vietnam.

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