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Liyab’s AD carry, Gambit, previously competed in the Arena of Valor scene, having represented the Philippines in international tournaments such as the Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC), and 2019 Sea Games.

Now, he has taken his talents to the Rift, becoming one of the most formidable ADCs in the pro scene. One of Gambit’s most favorite Wild Rift heroes is Corki.

Here are five tips from the man himself to master this agile yet deadly marksman:

1. Conqueror Keystone is crucial for Corki

Conqueror Keystone is the way to go when using Corki. The Adaptive Damage on five stacks is a game-changer on many marksman in the current meta.

For my runes, I usually go with Brutal for the armor penetration. I also go with Sweet Tooth as it provides decent survivability in the laning phase. Lastly, I go for Loyalty in the Resolve as I tend to stick close to my allies, and the added stats helps me win the lane.

2. Build Triforce as soon as possible

Triforce and Infinity Edge two of the most eessential items for Corki. Buying these two items as soon as possible, especially Triforce, will give you the edge in the early parts of the game.

Avoid making risky plays if you don’t have your core items yet, as Corki is an easy target. Neither will he be able to dish out any decent damage without his core items.

3. Always take advantage of The Package

Once you have The Package, that’s the best time to go all out and create plays in your lane. Corki usually has the ability to 2v1 enemy champions once he has his core items along with The Package.

A great combo to pull of once you have The Package is to enter the battle with Special Delivery, activate Gatling Gun and Phosphorus Bomb, then reposition using Valkyrie away from the enemy. Be mindful of your ultimate, Missile Barrage, as well as your health bar. Always make sure that you use the Big One on escaping enemy champions.

4. Have a good understanding of when to engage and disengage

Corki is a great champion for players who are really aggressive. However, he is weak against burst-heavy champions like Zed if you are playing in the mid lane, and Kai’Sa if you’re in the Dragon Lane.

As I’ve said before, make sure to build Triforce first before doing anything aggressive. The goal of Corki is to poke in the laning phase, and push for towers once you are in the mid to late game.

5. Have a failsafe option when you are behind the game

If you are having a hard time in your lane, you can build Blade of the Ruined King first as it’s a lot cheaper compared to Triforce. Be passive in the early parts of the game and just focus on getting the items you need.

Remember to stick with your Dragon Lane duo. If possible, ask your duo to use Janna, Rakan, or Lulu, as Corki benefits the most from their utility abilities.

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