The ever-popular and fun Mayhem mode is back in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for a limited time, with four new heroes and minor gameplay changes to jungle creeps.

The mode is similar to classic play, but with a twist. All abilities are enhanced, and you start the game at level four. Basically every hero is overpowered in their own way, which makes the game much more exciting and action-packed.

With that in mind, there are still some heroes who are more underwhelming than others, while others are straight up OPs of the OPs, and picking them is an automatic win.

Here are three heroes that are definitely worth playing if you want to win big and cause mayhem in this game mode:

3. Benedetta

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Benedetta
Credit: Moonton

If you think Benedetta is overpowered, wait till you hear about her enhancements in Mayhem. Sword intent fills up much faster than the usual. This alone makes her one of the most annoying hero to encounter in this mode.

She can traverse the map very fast with her passive, Swordout Slash, due to the Sword Intent buff. On top of that, she can now cast Phantom Slash twice in quick succession. These changes make her almost unstoppable unless you go full force on her and pin her down with crowd control.

2. Aurora

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Aurora
Credit: Moonton

Expect to be stunned a lot of times when facing against an Aurora in Mayhem. Basic attacks now count as a stack for her passive, Pride of Ice.

An Aurora with attack speed items can spam her auto attacks and abilities, which will render you basically useless as you’ll be stunned for as long as Aurora wants. If you are using a squishy hero, never face Aurora alone as it’s almost certain you’ll face your demise quickly.

1. Barats

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Barats
Credit: Moonton

Barats is already a hard hero to kill in casual and ranked games, but they took it up a notch in this mode. Barats passive, Big Guy, received a huge buff that makes him harder to kill. Much harder.

His physical and magic defense per stack were also increased, making him a formidable tank at full size. Barats can now also grow to epic proportions, as big as the Sanctuary Lord, as the cap on his Big Guy passive was removed. This means he can have as much physical and magic defense, and resilience as long as he maintains the Big Guy passive.

What really makes him shine in this mode is his fun and overpowered ultimate, Detona’s Welcome. He can now spit enemies as far as 3.5 yards. If you are swallowed in the mid lane, Barats can spit you all the way to their mid lane base turret. That’s how long the distance is!

You can only play the mode until March 7, so take a break from your rank grind with Mayhem Mode.

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