The Wild Rift Horizon Cup is fast approaching!

With ten top-performing teams from around the world coming together into one arena, fans can expect only the best action at the global tournament.

While all the invited teams are worthy to step onto the international stage, there are a few exceptional squads that are ready to emerge as champions.

SBTC Esports and ThunderTalk Gaming are fan favorites at the Wild Rift Horizon Cup

Fresh off a triumphant victory at the SEA Championship 2021, SBTC Esports looks more than capable to raise the Horizon Cup.

The Vietnamese team comes with a stacked lineup of role players, allowing for unpredictable roster switches during matches.

Their bot lane is also home to the Thresh god himself, support player Hồ “Akeno” Trung Hậu. SBTC’s opponents better keep an eye out for Akeno’s killer hook.

When talking about forces of nature, ThunderTalk Gaming proudly displays such a reputation in their own team name.

Despite taking a 3-0 loss to Oh My God at the LPL Qualifier upper bracket final, the Chinese squad did not lose hope. TT came back as a stronger force in the grand final, beating OMG 4-0 and securing a well-deserved slot at the Horizon Cup.

To find out the three other teams ready to make waves at the Horizon Cup, check out the video down below:

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