South Korean esports organization Vision Strikers just won its second straight Ignition Series tournament, by demolishing its opponents at the Epulze Royal SEA Cup.

Vision Strikers is arguably the best team in all of SEA. Formerly known as MVP PK, when they dominated the Asian CS:GO scene, the team even attended high profile CS:GO competitions, such as ESL One Cologne 2019 and ESL Pro League Season 7.

MVP PK made the switch to Valorant when the game was released, and signed with Vision Strikers, which was one of the first pro teams formed in South Korea. Vision Strikers has won every Valorant event it has entered, and even defeated top-rated Japanese team Absolute Jupiter during their first Ignition Series competition in the AfreecaTV Asia Showdown.

Vision Strikers would then extend its tournament win streak, by winning a convincing 3-0 sweep against Thai squad Attack All Around during the grand final.

Game 1

VS looked on point at the start of the match on Ascent. They were hitting almost all of their shots while preventing AAA from executing their gameplan. The game quickly became a one-sided match with VS making aggressive plays all over the map, even when they were using a double Operator strategy on defense.

The score was 10-2 at halftime in favor of VS, after which they closed out the remainder of the game by winning the final three rounds to take a 1-0 map lead. Gutaek “stax” Kim on the Breach was the game MVP with his 21/6/9 KDA stat line.

Game 2

The following game turned out to be much of the same for VS, as they quickly took a 10-2 round lead by halftime. VS found entry frags all over Haven and prevented AAA from having any type of advantage during the post-plant situations.

It was Seungwon “k1Ng” Lee on the Cypher and Kiseok “Zest” Kim using the Sova, who carried the team with their 20/7/2 and 15/6/11 KDA scores.

Game 3

Going into the final game, VS had already won all pistol rounds. And they would pursue this streak by taking a Flawless pistol round win to start the final game on Bind.

k1ng would continue his impeccable grand final performance by fragging out and getting an impressive Ace on the ninth round, taking out all of AAA’s agents who rushed to the B-site.

VS took an 11-1 lead by defending their side of the map, and preventing AAA from planting the Spike in most of the rounds. But, after the half, AAA would finally win their first pistol round of the grand final. AAA eventually extended the series a few more rounds. But VS went on to win the 16th round of the game by displaying amazing agent ability knowledge, which prevented Jirayu “wannafly” Meesuk from attempting to defuse the spike during a crucial round.

Watch the full match highlights here:

Credit: NiceGaming YouTube channel

The Epulze Royal SEA Cup stands as Vision Strikers’ biggest Valorant tournament win yet, as they take home a whopping US$13,000 and extend their tournament win streak to nine straight wins, two of which are Ignition Series events.

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