The Daydream skin bundle is ready to keep the California dream alive.

The upcoming collection was shared by Valorant data miner ValorLeaks on Twitter, and it includes skins for the Classic, Phantom, Operator, Judge, and melee. ValorLeaks also reported that the collection is a deluxe tier bundle, which means it will cost around 5,100 VP.

The skin’s design aligns with the Los Angeles-inspired aesthetic throughout Valorant Champions 2023. The tournament showcases 16 of the world’s top teams competing in this year’s Valorant world championship taking place from August 6 to 26.

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The Daydreams skin bundle carries the excitement of Valorant Champions 2023

Valorant Champions 2023 promotional image from Riot Games' media kit
Credit: Riot Games

The skin’s design follows the 2023 Valorant Champions Los Angeles theme, drawing inspiration from the city’s aesthetic.

It showcases various elements such as stickers, a basketball backboard, speedy rollerblades, gently swaying palm trees, and a color palette of purple and gold, which coincides with the colors of the city’s renowned home team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to ValorLeaks, the melee skin features a crowbar design, implying it will showcase axe attacks and inspect animations.

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Whether the Daydreams bundle will offer distinct animations or finishes remains uncertain. Generally, deluxe skins usually lack animations or sound effects, though a few might have basic green screen-like effects.

The collection is anticipated to be released in the upcoming Valorant patches sometime before the start of Episode 7 Act 2 on August 29.

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