A red-hot skin collection is coming to Valorant in patch 5.07, alongside a major rework to agent flashes and changes to Fracture.

The Crimsonbeast skin bundle looks like it was forged in the fires of Mount Doom, with angry licks of flame peeking out from various joints in the weapon.

A malevolent sorcerer-like figure stands in the background of Riot’s key art, a nod to the dark arts that appear to have conjured this particular bundle.

The Crimsonbeast skin bundle runs red-hot

The Crimsonbeast skins are available for the Vandal, Sheriff, Judge, Marshal, and melee. The melee skin is the one that will turn the most heads — it looks like a fiery version of Mjölnir, Thor’s mighty hammer.

Flames envelop the head of the hammer, while cracks line the surface. When you swing the hammer against a wall, blunt impact marks show up instead of the usual slash lines.

Each of the weapons also has what looks like a demon rhinoceros on its side, which is far from subtle. The bundle has echoes of the Elderflame collection, although it is considerably less elaborate.

There are no additional variants to unlock, nor are there any custom visual or audio effects or finishers.

This is a Premium tier skin line, which means it should cost 7,100 VP when it drops in the store on October 5.

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