VCT Stage 2 Reykjavik champion Sentinels’ Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan named his top Valorant teams in VCT NA based on the 2021 season.

The outspoken leader of Valorant’s best team in the world shared his thoughts on which rosters deserve to be ranked higher than other, and determined which have high potential moving forward.

Sentinels ShahZaM names his top 4 Valorant teams in VCT NA

Sentinels ShahZaM, VCT Stage 2 Masters
Credit: Riot Games

Sentinels ShahZaM ranked his squad as the best team, then mentioned Team Envy, XSET, and 100 Thieves as other top squads in the region.

The top four teams he ranked highest were the best performing ones from VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1 Main Event, a tournament that Sentinels won.

Sentinels ShahZaM ranks the rest of the North American squads

Sentinels ShahZaM, Dapr, VCT Stage 2 Masters, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games

The 27-year-old pro player also names Version1, Gen.G Esports, Cloud9 Blue, and FaZe Clan as the other top VCT NA teams. He also gave an honorable mention to Andbox, as their roster has potential.

Out of the teams ShahZaM mentioned, only Gen.G Esports, Version1, and FaZe Clan were able to qualify into the upcoming VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 2 Main Event.

The two squads that were ranked at the bottom by Sentinels ShahZam were Built By Gamers and NRG, two rosters that have underperformed in the 2021 VCT season.

Sentinels is set to compete in the VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs on August 11. Four more teams from VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 2 Main Event will advance and join them.

The top eight North American Valorant teams in the Playoffs will then attempt to qualify for VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin.

Fans can tune in and watch the Playoffs live on Valorant’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.

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