Riot Games is updating Omen’s character model in Valorant patch 4.10 to “increase detail and fidelity,” effectively giving the shadowy agent a freshly laundered outfit.

The changes were confirmed in the patch notes for the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Valorant dataminer Shiick shared the new Omen character model changes on Twitter, revealing slightly more elaborate armor and an added pop of color to his signature purple cape.

The response from the community so far has been positive. Fans praised Omen’s new look, and said that they hoped other agents would eventually receive similar aesthetic tweaks.

The new Omen character model also makes him look more buff

The most obvious change is to Omen’s chest piece. It now features more detail and depth than before, complete with a prominent glowing orb in the center. There are also additional glowing accents below it, making for an overall more striking look.

His shoulder plates have been given added detail as well, and they look more like sturdy metal plates instead of the black cloth pads from before.

On top of that, his belt straps have been updated and are now far more realistic. They have the look of worn leather, and additional buckles have been added that create a more rugged appearance. The design of the buckles is different too, featuring a sleeker, more angular look.

In addition, the utility bags hanging at his sides are more lifelike compared to the boxy pouch from before.

Omen’s boots are also no longer smooth, featureless kicks. Actual laces are now visible, and there is additional detailing all the way up to his knees.

One change that is sure to make players chuckle is Omen’s new side profile. It looks like he’s been visiting the gym, because he’s clearly gained some pecs.

Finally, Riot has pumped up the color on his cape, making it just a shade more vibrant. It’s a subtle change, but one that helps the character design stand out just a little more.

The new character model should go live alongside Valorant patch 4.10.

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