It’s finally happening! K-pop idol and Jett’s voice actress Shannon Williams announced that she will be streaming Valorant together with Phoenix’s voice actor Afolabi Alli.

Shannon and Afolabi will hold their live broadcast tomorrow, August 26 at 5 a.m. GMT+8 (6 a.m. KST). They’re accepting voice line requests from fans, as previously announced by the Jett voice actress.

Some of the voice lines we want to hear from Shannon to Afolabi are “Don’t mess up that pretty face, Phoenix!” and”Where’s that smile, Phoenix?”. We also want to see Afolabi utter his official line “Just take a seat, I got this.” and perhaps “Revive me, Jett!” from the viral clip by player Zelch Quiddle.

Since the two will be playing Valorant together, will we see a great Phoenix-Jett in-game tandem or maybe an Ace kill like this one from Shannon?

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