One of Valorant’s most popular skin collections is making a return.

The original Ion skin bundle was released back in November 2020, and it remains a favorite.

With a slick, futuristic appeal and clean lines, this is one of the skins that continues to hit different. Now, Riot Games is about to introduce the Ion 2.0 skin bundle, according to ValorLeaks.

The new collection will include skins for new weapons, including the Vandal, Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and melee.

The Ion 2.0 skin bundle marks the return of a favorite

This isn’t the first time Riot has brought back a beloved bundle with new weapons. In August, the developer debuted a second Reaver collection, featuring some of the most epic finishers in the game.

Ion 2.0 will come with a karambit knife, a stark departure from the bladed gauntlet in the previous bundle. It will also have variants, something its predecessor was notably lacking.

In addition to the standard white base variant, you can unlock blue, green, and yellow variants.

The skin line is expected to drop on October 18, alongside Episode 5 Act III. As a Premium bundle, it should cost 7,100 VP in the in-game store.

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