Gekko, the newest agent on the block, just received his first set of balance nerfs in Valorant patch 6.06.

Riot Games implemented agent ability changes for Gekko, resulting in a reduction of damage dealt by his Mosh Pit molly on enemy abilities. 

Additionally, players who rely on the initiator agent’s Wingman ability will have to make adjustments now that he can no longer clutch the round on his own.

Despite the small changes, the nerfs will likely have a significant impact on the initiator agent’s clutch potential.

Gekko gets hit with his first set of nerfs in Valorant patch 6.06

Mosh Pit

  • Damage to objects has reduced from 2.5 to 1.
Gekko's agent ability Mosh
Credit: Riot Games

According to Valorant’s community manager Jo-Ellen “Riot JoEllenPDF” Argon, Gekko’s Mosh Pit ability has been performing inconsistently compared to other initiator abilities.

The recent changes to the Mosh Pit ability have resulted in it dealing less damage to objects, which has significant implications for a specific clutch situation — the ability can no longer single-handedly take down Killjoy’s Lockdown ultimate.

Previously, other abilities like Breach’s Aftershock and KAY/O’s FRAG/ment were also capable of one-shotting an enemy Lockdown. However, those abilities were balanced so they wouldn’t be able to easily remove Killjoy’s ultimate.

Killjoy needs to collect eight ultimate points to unlock her Lockdown ultimate. Therefore, for it to be destroyed by another agent’s non-ultimate ability was considered unbalanced. The new change means that Gekko will need to combine his Mosh Pit with another piece of agent utility to take down Killjoy’s space-controlling ultimate.


  • Wingman will now always die if he is last alive.
Gekko's agent ability Wingman
Credit: Riot Games

The second significant change involves Wingman, Gekko’s ability that searches for enemy agents he can concuss. However, most players are using Wingman to plant and defuse the spike

Unfortunately for Gekko mains, since Wingman will no longer be the last alive, the little guy can’t clutch rounds anymore with last-second defuse attempts.

You can read the full patch notes here.

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