Are you ready to take off to victory with Valorant’s new Altitude skin bundle?

The latest collection prominently showcases warplane-inspired designs for multiple Valorant agents.

The bundle includes skins for the Vandal, Odin, Bucky, Sheriff, and melee knife, which is a good mix of the most-used and situational weapons in the game.

The Altitude skin bundle is ready to fly high in Valorant

The skin designs evoke memories of the flamboyant designs seen on World War 2 warplanes, which served as a means for pilots to express their individuality.

The Odin weapon skin bears a striking resemblance to Phoenix, complete with the prominent “Team Forge” inscription on its side. This phrase is a reference to Episode 4’s Warm Up cinematic, in which an ensemble of Valorant agents joined forces to take down Raze and Killjoy’s formidable Max Bot.

There are also the Vandal, Bucky, and Sheriff weapons that have been given unique themes inspired by Yoru, Raze, and Viper, respectively.

Lastly, the Altitude bundle boasts an exhilarating melee skin. It is the first trench knife in Valorant, and its exceptional design sets it apart from the rest of the melee skins we’ve seen.

The trench knife was initially created for the brutal close-quarters combat of World War 1, where soldiers fought in the trenches, making this skin an exciting nod to history.

The Altitude skin bundle will be available in the shop on March 29.

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