The second day of Tekken Online Challenge Korea featured an estatic line-up of superstar exhibition matches.

Known as the Tekken capital of the world, Korea brought out some of its legendary Tekken pros like Bae “Knee” Jae-min and Kim “JDCR” Hyun-jin to challenge the next generation of Korean Tekken in Yoon “LowHigh” Sun-woong and Lim “Ulsan” Soo-hoon.

Aside from the battles between the generations, Park “Eyemusician” Min-hyuk and Chang “Rest” Seob Park went head-to-head as some of the best character specialists in the Korean scene.

Rest vs. Eyemusician

While many Tekken fans saw Eyemusician winning this specialist bout, Rest took a good amount of time to figure out his opponent’s moves. In the beginning, Eyemusician easily took back-to-back games, but once Rest utilized his counter-hit moves, he quickly tied up the scoreboard.

To avoid Yoshi’s pesky flash and other counter-hit moves, Rest distanced himself and played the waiting game on Eyemusician. With sporadic changes from offense to defense, the Hwoarang player baited the whiff and eventually claimed his second game with an impressive low crush juggle.

With the download fully complete, Rest went all-in with Hwoarang’s more staple moves. In the final round, the Hwoarang player started things off with a didactic Sky Rocket, easily taking one-third of EM’s life. With another Sky Rocket combo from the back, Rest closed the series (5-2) out with an incredible punch-parry.

JDCR vs. LowHigh

The battle of the EVO champs was a sight to behold. While LowHigh is known for his expertise of a handful of characters, JDCR came through with his computer-like reading skills and a more unorthodox playstyle.

LowHigh started with a strong appearance with his default main of Shaheen. From canceled slides to punishing Hawk Edges, the UYU player convincingly destroyed JDCR with a first-game no-round brown.

With JDCR taking his time to read LowHigh’s playstyle, he noticed that the Shaheen player was countering his defensive efforts with his slides and mix-ups. Taking that information into the match, JDCR pumped out some aggression with his signature Dragunov, risking the 50/50s with D2 and eventually claiming his second game with a follow-up while-standing 2 combo.

Even with LowHigh switching to his other main of Steve, he found no way of breaking JDCR’s aggressive poking strategies. Despite having an evading sidestep, JDCR kept his distance to control LowHigh’s chances of getting any kind of counter-hit. By the final final round, JDCR punished the Steve player with another WS2 combo and eventually finished the series (5-1) with a simple D2 low punch.

Knee vs. Ulsan

The last exhibition match was a gripping best-of-seven rematch between two of the best tournament finishers in the 2019 Tekken World Tour. Losing in their Loser’s Final match in the TWT Finals last year, Knee was out to prove that he’s still got an edge over youngster Ulsan.

In the first game, Ulsan pulled out his pocket character of Bob while Knee played some mind-games by picking Ulsan’s usual pick of Kazumi. Interestingly enough, Knee schooled the Bob pick with some trademark Kazumi pokes and secured the no-round brown with a tiger-pouncing rage drive.

Although Knee was already steamrolling Ulsan by the middle of the series, the Kazumi specialist came out with some momentum-destroying rounds against Knee. After a close game win, Ulsan doubled it up with a no-round brown, completed through a continued 1,1,2 punch string.

Though his chances of a 7-0 win disappeared, Knee continued his usual stylings of a Tekken God in the final games, taking two more onto the board with a few clap back moments from Ulsan.

While Ulsan was able to tie it into a final final round, it came down to a poking battle between the two Tekken pros. Once Knee secured a punch string to bring Ulsan into rage mode, the Tekken God patiently waited for Ulsan to whiff and immediately punished it with a deadly running 2, winning the series with a dominating 6-2 standing.

The next Tekken Online Challenge will feature the US East region on September 26-27.

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