Last weekend, the Tekken Online Challenge featured Korea’s finest fighters in an open tournament and superstar exhibition matches.

One of the country’s best Geese Howard players, Meo-il, won the tournament and earned the chance to face the legendary Tekken God, Son “Qudans” Byeong-mun for a shot at doubling his prize money.

Despite not playing competitively for a while, Qudans showed no signs of rust and opened up the match with a classic vintage EWGF to flying kick combo.

With the infinite stage selected, Meo-il had trouble cornering Qudans for any significant play. With a few pokes here and there, Qudans eventually utilized the wavedash-cancel to lay some heavy mid damage and quickly went for a cheeky low to claim game one.

With Geese Howard having no significant mix-ups to pressure him, Qudans did his best to play safe and bait out Meo-il’s meter-burn. Even though he was low on health, the DJ specialist perfectly punished Meo-il’s high poke with a WS2 into a rage drive.

While Qudans pulled out some of DJ’s signature moves like Demon Steel Pedal and his EWGF, he started to chip Meo-il down with the hellsweep. By the final round of game two, Qudans easily caught the flatfooted Geese player with a succession of simple, low kicks.

Back on his preferred stage of Howard Estate, Meo-il started to feel his rhythm with Geese. Knowing that Qudans heavily relies on the EWGF for the punish, Meo-il opted to play it safe and backdash after every poke.

With Qudans slowly relieving his offensive pressure, Meo-il immediately went for the attack with an impressive meter-burn combo, featuring a double wall-splat and a defiant grab finish. Rocking a significant health advantage, Meo-il sat back and managed to hit a jump-back fireball that easily led into a two-punch punish.

Seeing as how Meo-il felt hopeful after a clutch win, Qudans had to shut it down in the fourth and final game of the Final Boss series. Flexing his DJ skills, Qudans went all-in with the wavedash and hellsweep mix-up. After every get-up, Meo-il was dumbfounded at what to do with the offensive force and opted to block the potential hellsweep. Qudans instantly read the hesitation and committed to a deadly WS2 into a flying grab combo.

With Qudans remaining as the undefeated final boss, Meo-il still goes home a champion of the Tekken Online Challenge Korea with a cash prize of US$500.

The next Tekken Online Challenge will feature the US East region on September 26-27.

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