The Tekken Online Challenge US East Exhibitions featured some long-time pros in the competitive scene, but amongst the likes of Joseph “JoeyFury” Bennett and Spero “Spero Gin” Gineros, another FGC legend showed up to play.

Multi-game champ Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, most known for his G.O.A.T. status in Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball FighterZ, entered as a contender in the final best-of-seven match, facing off against New York’s finest Tekken pro, Shaun “NYCFab” Swain.

To start the series, SonicFox played Zafina, a character he’s apparently been playing for six years, against Fab’s legendary Bob. While SF was able to take a round off Fab, the Bob player closed out game one with a cheeky punch punish.

With no luck on Zafina, SonicFox switched to Noctis for some quickfire strategies. He was able to pull off a no-round brown with an insane triple-low sword hit and one power crush to tie things up.

Fab was finally able to read Noctis’ shortcomings and easily took the next game to bring the scoreboard up to 2-1. SF then switched to Negan who’s also known for some easy, yet deadly moves. Sadly, NYCFab broke the Negan player’s rhythm with Bob’s overhead punch.

Back in some familiar territory, SonicFox found some promise with the 2D-based character, Eliza. Dishing out damage with a meter-burn wall-splat combo, he eventually took out Fab with a simple 1-2 punish.

With SF laying down the aggression with Eliza’s divekicks, Fab fought back with his own spamming techniques. The Bob player eventually kept SF on his feet with a solid mix-up and eventually committed to the overhead punch to claim the game.

Now at 6-2, SonicFox switched back to Noctis for on last hurrah. While Fab was looking to make a solid comeback with some sweeping slides and lows, SF got a solid string punish that led to a quick, game-winning low.

Although SonicFox was able to tie things up to a final final round, Fab was looking to close out the best-of-seven as soon as possible. The Bob player pulled out two normal throws for some chunky damage and ended the series with a balling rage drive.

The next Tekken Online Challenge will showcase the EU North region on October 10-11.

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