Well-regarded Tekken content creator, Justin “KingJae” Nelson, has released a new tutorial series that sees him team up with a number of different Tekken 7 pros for tips and tricks on how to play their signature characters.

The 30-minute to hour-long sessions go over the ins-and-outs of each character, starting with simple tactics such as pokes and lows and gradually moving up to staple combos, specific stances, and even how to counter the character.

The highlight of the series is his video with reigning EVO champion, Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique, who teaches his signature Kazumi Mishima. Despite being a player of many characters like Zafina and Geese Howard, Arslan’s legendary Kazumi made him a Tekken champion at both EVO Japan 2019 and EVO 2019.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for tips on how to play Tekken’s latest overpowered DLC character Fahkumram, KingJae also gets in-depth with the Muay Thai specialist with Ricky “Pokchop” Walker, an American Tekken pro who’s known for his diehard attitude and one-of-a-kind stage presence.

KingJae has videos for almost every character on the roster so be sure to take a look if you want to brush up on your skills.

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