The Teamfight Tactics 10.12 patch is a massive update with 14 new recruits joining the game. Along with the platoon addition, players can expect some new changes to the traits of pre-existing characters.

Winners: Vanguard and Tanks

Credit: Riot Games

TFT Galaxies’ Vanguard units get some love in the mid-set update. They now have increased armor on their second-tier bonus while also having an additional 6-unit trait bonus that will bolster your frontline to the max.

  • Vanguard Armor: 125/250⇒125/300
  • Added Vanguard (6): 1000 Armor

Aside from Vanguards, useful tanks in different compositions get some added armor and magic resistance to really lock into their roles as a frontline.

  • Jarvan: +5 Armor & +10 Magic Resistance
  • Rakan: +10 Armor & +15 Magic Resistance
  • Rumble: +10 Armor & +20 Magic Resistance
  • Wukong: +15 Armor & +20 Magic Resistance
  • Thresh: +20 Armor & +20 Magic Resistance

Losers: Cybernetic and Infiltrator

Credit: Riot

The underused Cybernetic trait gets stuck once again with a lackluster adjustment to its bonuses. Infiltrator also gets a nerf to its attack speed for its first two levels, making it a less viable early-game tactic.

  • Cybernetic: 350&35/700&70⇒350&40/600&80 Health & Attack Damage
  • Infiltrator: 50/75/120%⇒40/70/120%

Winners: Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster

Credit: Riot

The newly unique item Infinity Edge now guarantees critical strike but does less critical damage while Bloodthirster gets a slight bump in lifesteal.

  • Infinity Edge: +100% Critical Strike Damage⇒
    +100% Critical Strike Chance and +20% Critical Strike Damage
    • Is now a unique item (can only have one of its kind on a unit)
  • Bloodthirster Lifesteal: 35%⇒40%

Losers: Chalice of Harmony and Warmog’s Armor

Credit: Riot

Every Star Guardian’s go-to item, Chalice of Harmony, gets a complete change in its attributes. Now named Chalice of Power, it removes its AoE mana-heal and now only provides momentary AP to neighboring units. Warmog also takes a hard hit, now only providing its wearer with 1,000 health and no health regeneration.

  • Chalice of Power (Tear + Cloak): At start of combat, the holder and their left and right neighbors gain 30 AP for 20 seconds
  • Warmog’s Armor: 5% Missing Health Regen⇒+600 Health (The item now grants exactly 1000 Health and nothing else.)

For more information, you can check out the full Teamfight Tactics 10.12 patch blog post.

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